FN Mk. 20 SSR
An iconic assault rifle turned sniper in one neat little package Features both original and dual render scope
VAZ 2106
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE... VAZ 2106 has 2 versions: Default (quad / jeep / jeep machine gun) OSVYaShchENNAYa (tank) OSVYaShchENNAYa: 500000 health, unkillable, submarines mode, and 30 minutes of the best songs from GTA Vice City Ментовский Беспредел.
Adds the M24 Sniper Rifle into Ravenfield. Comes with 4 types of optic including, iron sights, acog, Acog X4, and a Long Range Scope, as well as suppressed variants of all of them.
The Russian Modern Pack [Part 1]
This pack contain 4 vehicles - BTR-88, T-90MS, GAZ-2975 Tiger and GAZ-2975 with 2 "Kornet-M" systems BTR-88 (BTR-82A) - fast and powerful vehicle, can transport 10 peoples, has smoke grenades - Has 30mm, 7.62mm guns and repair tool T-90MS (T-90AM) -
War on Terror Pack
This pack adds a total of 35 weapons to your inventory from the Global War on Terror. All weapons are in the "Coalition" and "Insurgent" catagories, as well as "stealth", "infantry support", and "underbarrel" when appropriate. MAR-16 This “Modern
Background The Germans formed bridgeheads across the Don on 20 August, with the 295th and 76th Infantry Divisions enabling the XIVth Panzer Corps "to thrust to the Volga north of Stalingrad." The German 6th Army was only a few dozen kilometers from
Almost every thing can be shot and kicked and moved around, because most objects have rigbodys, even ammo BOXES! And yes, they still do work and give out ammo! So have fun ramming through barrels and hitting enemys on the road! This map definitely
Benelli M4 Shotgun
The Benelli M4 Semi-Automatic Shotgun. From one of my favorite games, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. While most of not all of my modern weapons will be made for my project, I will be basing/making them off of some of the ones in CoD4. I would have
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