Project Estros: Elite Weaponry Pack 2
Third weapon pack, for Project Estros. Contains the Atheonian Trium Iecit pistols, in burst and semi-automatic conversions, Trium Iecit burst and semi-automatic carbines, and the Castleton 7.7mm Patrol automatic rifle, firing the same high powered
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Shogun Battleship[Rebuild]
I rebuild this mod, so it is no longer so realistic. And I added some effects from RA3. HP:3800 4 Seats: 2 seats for main gun; 1 seat for driver; 1 seat for mortar. Shogun battleships are armed with six guns a piece; three barrels on each of two
Automag III
Automag III for the game Ravenfield. The Automag III is a self-loading pistol designed by Harry Sanford. AutoMag 3 shoots bullets .30Carbine, which during world war II were designed for the M1 carbine and 9mm Winchester Magnum. The gun is made of
Mod adds weapons to the game KSG. KSG is a smooth-bore gun with a longitudinally sliding forearm (pump reloading), built according to the bullpup scheme, the main feature of which is the presence of two, parallel located, tubular stores located
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A new map for the game Ravenfield which is called TANK WAR. This map is great for tank battles.
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[PVCN] Vehicle Pack (19 Vehicles Currently!)
All the vehicles for Project Vulcan. Currently contains 19 different vehicles, which makes this one of the largest (if not the largest) vehicle packs in all of Ravenfield. I plan to add a vehicle replacement for almost every vehicle for every
[PVCN] Battle of the Seit
“After the disastrous defeat at the Battle of Karmaine Beach, Vulcan armies have been in full retreat for weeks on end. Außeten commanders have taken full advantage of this, and have spearheaded deep through the Seit Forest. The sparsely populated
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