Ristŝipo Mk. I
Big thanks to Sofa from Project Altirus for helping me with this.
Heavy Tank
A much tougher tank than the original one. Details listed below. Main Cannons AMMO: 2 Shells (1 per cannon) RELOAD: 10 sec. DAMAGE: 1200 EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE: 600 Side Turrets AMMO: 50 Rounds RELOAD: 5 sec. DAMAGE: 80 The Tank HP: 4500 SPEED: 5 (the
C&C Renegade Vehicle Pack V1 BETA
This Pack includes All of the Normal Command & Conquer Renegade Vehicles. I used some original content from C&C Renegade such as Models, Textures, and Sounds to create this Vehicle Pack, So Have Fun! ✓:CUSTOM VEHICLES:✓ -GDIHumvee
Red Canyon
Red Canyon map beta It's best to play the Skirmish mode.
Upgraded Helicopter
This is just the original helicopter with some new and upgraded weaponry. I will list the changes below. Changes: Fires 32 fast rockets (16 in both pods) Added four autocannons which fire 8 rounds each (32 in total) Added two extra rotors Vehicle HP
It is the Second edition of SKIN VARIATION PACK. There are 4 types, -PLA Marine, -FBI SWAT, -Woodland A and B.
Oshkosh M-ATV (Spec Ops Project)
Yet another vehicle from Spec Ops Project, this time an M-ATV. With it's plasan composite armour and turbo diesel engine the M-ATV is a vast improvement to the classic Humvee. Equipped with a 12.7 mm M2 Browning, this vehicle has the capability of
(PA - EotS) PREVIEW Skins
WIP-ish, preview skins for the next planned Altirus subproject, Empires of the Sea, intended to feature larger and more powerful factions, large-scale naval warfare, and - most importantly - shorts. For now, here's skins for Beirun and Bressia.
(Project Altirus) N'bele Water-Tractor
The N'bele Water-Tractor was designed by Beirunese Minister of Works of the Western Buffer Territories, Angati N'bele, in the late 510s. Its original role was to act as a prime mover during the development of infrastructure for smaller, more remote
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