Laser UFO
A monstrous UFO boss and its companion (or enemy if you want) the Airguardian in red and in blue, in black and in white. The UFO contains: - A fat deathlaser which roasts everything in its path - 4 AA-Gunners on the top - 4 more AA-Gunners with
MX 6.5
MX 6.5 assault rifle for Ravenfield game. This model is lightweight, reliable, easy to maintain and compatible with a large number of accessories.
Red Army Shock-Trooper / Assault Engineer
Commissioned work made for IronGuardsman42. Soviet shock-trooper with M36 SSh-36 helmet and steel bib. Also looks like an assault engineer or sapper.
The BMP 9MM submachine gun, designed and manufactured by Brügger & Thomet, Switzerland, add this mod to the Ravenfield game. The MP9 is an automatic 9x19mm Parabellum pistol. It uses 15, 20, 25 and 30 round clear polymer removable box stores. It
Project Vietnam
This map has been in development for a while! Its probably the first proper map in a while since project vietnam's ambush map. The map shows a battle between US and Vietcong forces, and with time more vehicles will be added as we come out with more,
Robot FSB Skin
New skin Robot FSB Skin for the game Ravenfield, which will completely change the appearance of bots.
Zeppelin Pack
The modification adds to the game Ravenfield 4 types of airships used in the First world war. List: MK. 3 - the smallest of all airships. It has 2 sets of engines and displayed near the transport airship Finishplay.  The main weaponry - a powerful,
Sten Mk2
Erazer made a new Sten Mk2 model,and because my plan now is to release the remade weapons as standalone too,here you go. -STATS Damage:34 Rate of fire:540rpm The weapon is mainly useful at CQC due to it's relatively high recoil and low accuracy at
The hallway map from the game Ace of Spades/OpenSpades.  There is obviously no building of breaking feature in Ravenfield, so the cover that I have in the map'll have to do.  There is a version with only two bases and a version with five.  I don't
Maginot Line
The Maginot Line was a super fortified line along the French and German border. This was built in the response of the German Blitzkrieg across Europe. The bunkers near the French spawn can be used like real bunkers and have turrets inside of them.
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