Alexander. Hannibal. Caesar. These great men and dozens like them shaped the destiny of a continent. Mighty kings, clever generals and would-be gods made their mark on the ancient Mediterranean. Around this sea, close knit nations tested their
Rainbow Pack
Hello! This is my first mod for Ravenfield! It is a simple mod that change the color of the soldiers! I hope you guys enjoy it and sorry for any mistakes/errors that I made! (Reuploaded for fixing issues!) This mod includes 15 colorful skins with
that guy who used to make mods for ravenfield but then removed them all by the power of b a c k u p s i have managed to recover the infamous thompson used by german soldiers during world war 1 Known Bugs -textures don't load on one model, this is a
Battle of Kursk
Summary: This map was designed around the battle of Kursk and is a VERY large map since the battle was meant to snip off the enemy. History: After the German defeat in Stalingrad and series of defeats, German were in retreat. The Germans were
Army Men Pack
Hello again! Now I've created a pack of toy soldiers from Army Men series! This pack was made for a nostalgic and childhood occasion! Hope you guys enjoy it and sorry for any mistakes/errors that I made! Available Nations! - Green Nation; - Tan
Combat Engineer Pack
I forgot to add a description Adds 7 deployables into your game Infantry shield-Destroyable by explosives, comes up to about your chest Sap roller- Those large sideways cylinders, destroyable by explosives, fully protect your body unless you're
The Factory Island
Hello Commander! We have intel that the Ravens have set up a base on an island we are currently calling the "Factory Island" for it's massive factory prodection area it has. It has been making materials for the Ravens to use in the war, and it must
Board That Ship
This simple mod will give you the opportunity to capture some ships. The process of boarding is presented on screen. For Stellaris 2.2. * Ships that can be captured: You can grab from a player or ai. Titan of the fallen / ordinary empires. Galleon
!Mod Menu
This is a resource for mods that use the Mods Menu. Supported mods: AutoBuild Board That Ship! Dynamic Difficulty - Ultimate Customization Core Game Mechanics Crisis Manager New Ship Classes & More (temporaly disabled, still exists in for 1.9
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roblox! great map, maybe a bit optimazation?
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