Silverbuu's Imperator Cheat Mod
From the makers of the Europa Universalis Chaotic Compressing Container, and The Crusader Kings II Enlightenment Package, we bring you the Imperator: Rome Radical Reduction Retainer. We've traveled through time forwards and backwards and then
Colourful Nations
Want to have a white Rome? A blue Maurya? Or are you more partial to a Carthage reddened by the blood of its enemies? By using a decision available at all times, you can access an event that lets you pick a colour for your nation out of fourteen
Emendatio Historiae Imperatoris
Emendatio Historiae Imperatoris Features - More than 100 new historical countries across the map - Modified map to represent the ancient coastline - Two new regions - Added a new nation formation decision - Annual consul elections - Senate
Packful of Pistols
A pack full of pistols. Ok, there are only 3 pistols at the time but it will be expanded in the future. Updates will be slow due to college. You can expect something new in August or September this year. Jericho Pistol An Isrealian pistol made in
[SWP] Battle over Coruscant
After being dormant for way too long Ravenfield Star Wars Project is back! Protect the planet of Coruscant from the Separatists, or join the droids and bring down the Republic. Take your star ship and blow those enemies to pieces, put the course of
Adds a decision for a cheat menu with various toggleable options. The AI will not use these. Culture conversion can be sometimes buggy so make sure you save before doing it. (Will try to work around this soon) I am aware of a current issue with tons
[WW3] Chukavin
Semi-automatic sniper rifle Chukavina - microwave production concern Kalashnikov, adds this mod to the game Ravenfield. The rifle has a semi-automatic design with a low stroke of the gas piston. Part of the muzzle gases when fired is spent on
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FunKey Arms Bullet Guns
We at FunKey Arms or F.K.A. for short believe efficiency is everything. Why do you really need this metal junk for shooting the bullets? Why not use a big bullet to shoot little bullets!? Makes perfect sense, trust us were experts. Enjoy our line of
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