Pistol FN57 for Ravenfield.
Buy and Sell Slaves
This mod allows you to buy and sell slaves via the decisions menu. Currently slaves can be bought/sold in groups of 2, 5, and 10 from your capital city. This is my first mod in Imperator and I used it as a way to practice for future projects. That
Diadochi (Historical Updates)
Gives the Diadochi dynastic names. Renames "Argead Empire" to "Hellenistic Empire" (none of the diadochi were Argeads...). Improves stats and adds traits to the diadochi, epigonoi, Pyrrhus, Chandragupta, and Euclid (based on their historical
This - IS - SPARTA!!! [Spartan combat bonus mod]
A mod that gives country modifiers with combat bonuses to heavy infantry based on the % of Spartan pops in your country. Warning: May not be entirely historially accurate! If you have the 100% Spartan modifier, it's basically going to be an army of
A ledger for the diplomacy window. The button's on the top. NOT achievement-compatible. This is still work in progress. I haven't managed to add custom sorting buttons, but I'll try. Also, the ledger is tied to the diplo-stance window for now. I'll
Historical Units
Focus of this mod is to overhaul existing unit types, add new units and redo military traditions to better reflect ancient warfare. At the moment there are 3 new units: -Medium Infantry - a unit between light and heavy infantry -Slingers - ranged
ADF-2 Espada
The ADF-2 Espada is a dual-jet one seater aircraft designed by the Ravens. Its fast, you'll need some modern weaponry to take this jet down. Armament: 3x Front facing MGs Ammo: 300 Reload Time: 5 sec. HP: 1200 Seats: 1
[WW2 Collection] Colt M1911
The classic Colt M1911,coming from erazer and I's WW2 collection,now standalone too STATS: -Damage->40 (3 shot kill at medium range) -Loaded ammo->7 CREDITS: -Model->Erazer -Sounds->Erazer
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You have stolen this mod. Please remove it.
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