Overhaul Project Mod
The Overhaul Project is a mod that aims at improving the historical accuracy of Imperator Rome by adding new cultures, religions, nations and more. Features New Countries: We've added new Slavic nations such as Venedia or Sclavenia that can be seen
Panzerkampfwagen Ausführung A Variants
The German WWII Medium Tank, the Panzerkampfwagen V Ausführung A (Panther A) Contains: Panther A: -One 75mm (APCBC), 8.5s Reload -Two 7.92mm MG (Coax and Hull Mounted), 7s Reload -4100 HP -3 Crew + 2 Passengers Panther/Tiger Hybrid: -One 75mm
M4A2 Sherman
You are not allowed to, share, decompile or modify the files of this mod. 3rd party hosting through websites is allowed as long as the download link sends you to this steam workshop page, direct file links are not allowed. Infringement of warning
Tiger 1H
This is a rework of the older tiger made for the WW2 project. It now features a more detailed model with more realistic textures, 3D tracks and rotating wheels! SIDENOTE: You are not allowed to, share, decompile or modify the files of this mod. 3rd
Map STRIFE 2.0 for Ravenfield is an island of medium size, which has seen many battles. This map includes a couple of interesting features. It has a couple of television screens that show live coverage of the battle. Also included is a rainy version
Mullond Jb-12
The Mullond Jb-12 is a twin engine, one seater bomber aircraft made by Mullond Aerodynamics. It was designed with a "Simple but Deadly" Attitude.  Stats HP: 2000 Seats: 1 Damaged by: Heavy Arms Top Speed: about 500 mph Armament x2 ATG Missile Weapon
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