BlueShift Deceptor
Welcome, kiddos, to the cosmic interceptor. This is the long-awaited tactical fighter jet. Includes: - Custom Model - Custom Control Surfaces Motions - Custom Textures - Custom Projectiles - Custom Thruster Nozzles - Custom Stats - Custom Effects
WWII Soviet Pack
Pack Contents Tank- T-34/85/ T-34-76/ KV-2 Jeep, Quadbike- GAZ 67 APC, MG Jeep- Katyusha AT- ZiS-3 Artillery
Project Vietnam: The M113
Oddily enough this M113 has been sitting around doing nothing in our assets channel, so i decided to fix it, and add a few m113 varients along with it! It may be updated with some more versions. Contains: M113 with M2 browning M1064 Mortar carrier
The British Fighter Squadron
Gladiator - Martin Baker (WW2 Prototype) - Spitfire - Tempest
WWII British Ground Pack
Pack Contents Tank- Crusader II Jeep, Quadbike- Willys MB APC, MG Jeep- Universal Carrier AT- 6-Pounder
Horizon Defense Force: Pirates
Contains two skins, a Pirate Infiltrator and a Pirate Ground Assault.
[WW2 Collection] Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I
The No.4 Mk I was an early 1930's bolt action rifle,adopted by the British in 1941.It was easier to produce than the previous Enfield variant.It had a very smooth bolt cycle,and thus a fire rate of up to 30 (aimed) shots per minute. STATS:
Corner automatico
Special weapon for installing automatico pistols on special accessories, allowing you to attack while seeing enemies without exposing yourself and being countered, but be aware that its effective range is very short -Custom model(Except automatico)
Beach Defense 2 [ALPHA]
This is a reboot of my original Beach Defence game which is now broken :( . Expect many changes.... JUST A FEW THINGS BEFORE YOU PLAY: 1.) In order to spawn more boats, you MUST destroy the ones not being used. (unless they are at spawn) 2.) When
Glock Remastered
I've finally finished the remaster of the Glock. The carbine converted one will take a while though.
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