M1911 Carbine Pack
Most legendary handgun in history, chambered in .45 ACP. Blah blah blah. Probably at least the 5th or 6th M1911 on the workshop already but WAIT. Is that a M1911 Carbine? Yes, the second part of my BF1 Pilot/Tanker weapons pack. I know I said in the
(PA - 2LW) Syrvanian Vehicles - CzL.1 Variants
As Syrvania's first domestic tank to be produced in significant numbers, the CzL.1 light tank was designed with economy in mind before doctrine. Its diminutive size granted it proportionally decent armor protection, though weight was kept to a
MP5 Pack
The previous MP5SD felt lacking. So heres a remastered version with the rest of the variants.
kamikaze Strike
The model is simple, but the impact is heavy.
Quad Island Archipelago
Made using the In-Game Editor. This map features 4 main islands; A large island that is owned by Eagle, which has 2 capture points, 2 small islands with 2 capture points in total which belong to Raven, and a middle island. This is my first map btw
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It says that you made it can.
RTX 2070
all the mods on this site are stolen from other content creators don't download
tôi là người Việt và tôi chưa từng thấy chiến sĩ việt cộng nào cầm khẩu súng
I would love also the waffen ss
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