Heckler & Koch HK433
Multi Scope/Grenade Launcher (Alt+T to switch) Varients -Optic Scope (default) -Optic Scope with Grenade Launcher (GL) -Holo Sights -Holo Sights with with Grenade Launcher -Iron Sights -Iron Sights with Grenade Launcher  -Holo on Scope (Multi-Scope)
BW-49 "Dart"
The BW-49 D is a single engine, one seater fighter jet. It was originally intended to be a trainer, but the Eagles deemed it to be too fast for new pilots. It was converted to a light fighter aircraft, armed with only one MG to its right wing. 
Kenfig Swamps
No story today. Just a little map inspired by the local countryside. Enjoy! Specs/Stats/Fancy numbers: Recommended no. of bots: 50-80 Average loading time: 10 secs Map size: 250 x 250
Panzerjäger Tiger (P)
The German Tank Destroyer, the Ferdinand! Contains: Ferdinand: -One long barrel 88mm Cannon (APCBC and APCR), 6.7s Reload -5000 hp -2 Crew + 3 Passengers Elefant: -One long barrel 88mm Cannon (APCBC and APCR), 6.7s Reload -One 7.92mm MG (Hull
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I would love also the waffen ss
Seven Metal Games
Continue construindo os mapas do warface, às armas com as animações originais
why the heck when i open the energy shield i keep damage by the energy shield
Dude, just go on steam. All the mods are there.
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