[WW2 Collection] MP40
A simplification of a simplification,the MP40 was a redesign of the MP38 to make it easier to mass produce.Safer than most submachine guns at the time,it suffered reliability problems,mainly related to the magazine,which wasn't meant to be used as a
B17 Bomber
A bit buggy on spawn because of the hitboxes.. enter the bomber on the left side! Can You survive the ride? Specs: - 2500 Health - 5 Crew members: + Top Ball Gunner + Nose Gunner + Tail Gunner + Belly Ball Gunner Extra: - Hit System (show where you
EX-901: Mounted Turret
The EX-901, Is top of the line Anti-Air. equiped with .65 Caliber rounds, automatic loading system and Aim Assiting system. This turret will cover any facility, with deadly precision. The .65 Caliber rounds have armor-piercing tips which makes this
[WW2 Collection] M1919A6 Browning
The M1919A6 was a lighter version of the M1919 machine gun,intended to be carrier by one man,in a 2 men crew (loader and gunner).It was still a lot heavier than the GPMGs of the time like the MG34 or the MG42,and didn't provide a high fire rate like
The HWT Weapons Pack Remastered
In 2305, the 2nd Terran war ended. A horrible war, which scarred both the surface of Mars and Earth, had finally come to an end. The summary? Horrific losses for the Horizon Defense Forces. Came to help a foreign nation to guide them as ligth in the
Pieper M1893
The Pieper M1893 was a revolver carbine developed in 1893 by the Belgian Pieper company, and used a gas sealed firing system like the Nagant Revolvers. Sold to the Mexican government, they saw limited success in replacing the lever action rifles
General Liu Rifle
Developed by General Liu Qing En in 1916, the General Liu Rifle was a prototype semi-auto rifle which never actually made it into service. Firing the powerful 7.62x54mm Mauser round, this rifle could be fired in both bolt action and semi auto modes,
[SWP] Echo Base
By: NorMoose (your welcome) Unfinished but fully functional (unable to update)
Fields before Ferrograd
Ferrograd was the last remaining loyalist holding for the entire planet of Krieg, Ferrograd rapidly became the rallying point for the remaining Loyalist factions. But the situation for the Loyalists was dire; On the Fields before Ferrograd the rebel
Gulf Of Oman
Gulf of Oman is a medium sized, modern themed, desert / coastal themed map that pits the USMC at a carrier offshore, and four fortifications near the coast, while the MEC has control of an airfield, and three control points at three unique locations
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