AH-90 Bandit [Horizon Defense Forces]
To the (almost) one-year anniversary of the Horizon Defense Forces project, I present you, the remastered version of the very first HDF mod that was ever in development- The AH-90 Bandit! Manufacturer: HWT Role: All-Weather Attack Helicopter Users:
The MP5K mod adds the commercial self-loading version of the MP5 submachine gun (Maschinenpistole 5) to the Ravenfield game. Developed by the German manufacturer of small arms Heckler & Koch and produced from 1989 to 1994.
Sako TRG-42 Hexa Urban Camo
The Sako TRG-42 is a light sniper rifle made in Finland and was originally designed in 1999 for hunting. Features a dynamic reload system, animated idle position and more realistic transitions between sprinting and aiming. Stat: Damage: 88 Ammo:
QTS-11 individual integrated combat system. Dual barrel integrated bullpup airburst grenade launcher/Assault rifle multi-weapon system developed and produced by China North Industries Group Corporation. Note: Airburst grenade has 25m fuse The scope
MAC-90 HYPER Anti-Tank (Project: Cyberraven)
The weapon was originally made in Japan, but ofcourse the Russians needed a design for theire light mining drill, so they stole the design and made it Anti-Tank for mining purposes. Eventually armies used it because it was carryable with only one
Chinese Weapons Project Include two items: QBZ-03(Assault Rifle) 5.8×42mm QBZ-03B(Carbine) 5.8×42mm Hope you will enjoy them.
CS:GO Negev
The big boi gun is here Ammo: 150/300 Rate Of Fire: 0.11 Auto Found in: "ASSAULT, CSGO, TERRORISTS" and "COUNTER-TERRORISTS"
Taurox APC
The Taurox Armoured Personnel Carrier is one of the many workhorses of the groundforces of the imperial guard. It's excellent at carrying squads of imperial guards men or other more specialized forces such as the tempestus scions to wherever the
Project Vietnam - Swamp Ambush
A King-of-the-Hill map based on the jungle combat that occurred across Vietnam. Do you like being bum-rushed? Do you like BEING the bum-rusher? This map is for you! RECOMMENDED BOTS - 32 to 64 bots recommended. More if you're not a very discreet
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