The Valkyrie
The Valkyrie is a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) airborne assault carrier used primarily by the Astra Militarum as both a ground support gunship and a transport for airborne combat regiments like Tempestus Scion Squads and the Elysian Drop
The Bridge
In a universe wher WW2 never happend tecnological devellopment grindet to a halt. The year is 2020 and the "massive bridge" needs some repairs. As tentions are rising evryone wants to secure key locations to prepare for the war. Press F to get on
Creep Custom Skin
There was some requests for making the Creep Skin in my October Resort map a standalone skin to be used in any map, so, here it is! The Creeps from Spooktober! The model is currently limited, there's no differing team colors for example, and the
GyroJet & Dardick Pack
Includes variants of the two most unique exotic weapons. Gyrojet Mark II Firing a .49 caliber rocket.[10] Gyrojet Assault Rifle Assault rifle variant with M16-type ergonomics. Has full auto capability and a removable grip inserted magazine. Gyrojet
QSZ-92 (CWP)
Chinese Weapons Project QSZ-92(Pistol): 9mm Ammo: 15(+1)/90 QSZ-92 T(Pistol): 9mm Ammo: 15(+1)/90 Tactical version. QSW-06(Pistol): 9mm Ammo: 15(+1)/90 Suppressor version base on QSZ-92.
PKD Detective Special
Early in the 21st Century, The Tyrell Corporation advanced Robot evolution into the NEXUS phase - a being virtually identical to a human - known as a Replicant... Special police squads - BLADE RUNNER UNITS - had orders to shoot to kill, upon
[WW2 Collection] Tiger (p)
The Tiger (P) (commonly known as Porsche Tiger, while its official designation was VK 4501(P)) was an unsuccessful German heavy tank prototype that lost against what would become the successful Henschel Tiger I tank. Unlike the Henschel design's
Battle for the Reichstag
So this is just a revamp of my Battle of Berlin map. Recommended: Point match or skirmish 100-150 bots make sure the Germans are outnumbered
French Army [Project RF1]
Alright, here's the French Army skin everyone was asking about, sorry it was delayed. An important thing to note is that the coat is currently glitched. Movement causes the legs to glitch through the coat and this is especially annoying with the
CS:GO M4A1 Pack
A pack of exclusive rifles available to Counter-Strike special forces adds the CS: GO M4A1 Pack mod to the Ravenfield game. Characteristics: Ammunition: 30/180 Rate of Fire: 0.13 Auto
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