A nice snowy small map featuring a small modern cabin, tower and ancient reminders of who used to live up in the snowy mountains, somthing fell from the sky and caused an avalanche which blocked the only road getting from this hell hole. I recommend
Five Points
Five Points is a map with only five capture points. The map primarily features urban warefare with limited vehicles. Both teams (Raven and Eagle) start with a capture point. There are two (neutral) capture points available with docks to attack via
The Drop
My initial idea was to have bots perform a halo jump, running out of the back of a plane from high altitude, but I can't figure out pathfinding to save my life, so I decided that the easiest way to get the same effect was drop them. The real reason
[WW2 Collection] Gustloff Volkssturmgewehr
Designed as a cheap semi automatic rifle for the Volkssturm,the MP507 was a gas delayed rifle that really worked more like a pistol.It was extremely crude,built with whatever materials were avaliable (hence the common picture of both wooden parts
Russian large-caliber assault rifle ASH-12.7 (ASH-12) cartridge 12, 7x55 mm for the game Ravenfield. The machine is equipped with a magazine for 20 rounds. The set includes: ASH-12.7 ASH-12.7 S ASH-12.7 FAMILIES
Red Alert 3: KA-65 Twinblade
The KA-65 Twinblade is a Soviet gunship in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Designed for a joint role as a heavy gunship and a heavy transport by the famous Krasna Aerospace, this versatile war machine is sturdy and well armed with two PKX 12.7mm
[WW2 Collection] Einstossflammenwerfer 46
The einstossflammenwerfer 46 was a German single shot flamethrower designed to be cheap and quick to produce for the volk militia and the fallschirmjägers. It was also used by regular wehrmacht units in lesser numbers, and it was mostly used during
Tau Firecast: Standard Weapon Pack 2.0
Tau Firecast: Standard Weapon Pack 2.0 for Ravenfield. Firecast Warrior A Fire Warrior is a member of the Tau Fire Caste and thus serves as the primary soldier and the core combatant of the Tau Empire's multispecies armed forces. Fire Warriors are
Welcome to a WINTER WONDERLAND twist on map inspired by the classic Dust 2 map from Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
Just an idea i had for a bridge, North is red south is blue, because of the dissadvantage of north side having more capture points. South side has two tank spawns, and ye to try stop the advance of blue crossing the bridge there is a gun boat
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roblox! great map, maybe a bit optimazation?
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