MK47 Mutant (with firemodes)
The MK47 Mutant mod (with fire modes) will add the American-made MK47 Mutant semi-automatic rifle to the Ravenfield game. Specifications: Damage: 70 Bullet speed: 580
Flags of the World: WW2 (REUPLOAD)
Mod Flags of the World: WW2 (REUPLOAD) contains the flags of some of the main countries that fought in world war II, for the game Ravenfield. You must have the clothing physics enabled when using this mod, otherwise it will not work. This mod
[WW2 Collection] M18 Hellcat
One of the fastest tank designs to go into production during World War II, the 76mm Gun Motor Carraige M18 (M18 GMC) also known as the M18 Hellcat. It was the pinnacle of American tank destroyers; lightly armoured, highly mobile tanks with a
Lost Village (Mac Edition)
Lost Village is a small sized desert themed suburban map where it pits the USMC at an outpost, while the MEC has control of another outpost, with a village in the middle. Filled with beautiful environments, and a village, the USMC, and MEC must
Desert Strike: Re-imagined (Mac Edition)
Desert Strike: Re-imagined is a desert themed, kind of medium sized map where it the USMC at an outpost, while the MEC at another outpost, and four controls points that divide the two. Filled with smooth hills, big rocks, and palm trees, as well as
Ancient Ruins (Mac Edition)
Ancient Ruins is a small sized Vietnam themed island map that pits the USMC near a beachhead, while the VC has control of the northern part of the island. Filled with trees, rocks, and ancient structures, the USMC, and VC must utilize tanks, and
The battle of stalingrad fighted from 1942 to 1943 now for ravenfield made in map editor Features: -action in a war devasted city -ruins, too much ruins -Some vehicles exept cars because the terrain is rugged -the iconic and creepy (not in my map)
Skins of the Middle East
This pack contains hardy men, used to a life of war! Contains: The Mamluks, riders of the desert, these men have the skills to engage their enemies from afar or up close. For years they have been hired as mercenaries by the Egyptians, but
Africa Addio pt. 2 - Post-Colonial Forces in Cold War Africa
Post-colonial forces in cold war Africa will add the mod Africa Addio pt. 2-Post-Colonial Forces in Cold War Africa to the game Ravenfield. The second part of the series of skins "Cold war Africa". The current focus is on the powers and groups that
Africa Addio pt. 1 - Colonial Forces in Cold War Africa
While Rhodesia and South Africa were independent from a colonial power (The British Empire), the white minority within those countries still held the majority of political power. And thus to any freedom fighters, Rhodesia and South Africa would
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