WZ-19 Attack helicopter
WZ-19 is he design of the light attack helicopter developed by Harbin aircraft industry group is derived from the Z-9w. It adopts the typical characteristics of the serial cockpit layout, four composite rotors, the tail rotor of the letter way, four
Tech Soldier
A modification of the base Ravenfield soldier, meant to be a little more ultra-modern and sleek, with easy to distuingish colors for ease of use.
Fires in the Far East II pt. 1 - Cold War PLA
The first part of the mod "Fires in the Far East II pt. 1-Cold War PLA" adds the people's liberation army of the cold war to the game Ravenfield.
C&C Red Alert3:V4 rocket launcher
Mod C&C Red Alert3:V4 rocket launcher adds a rocket launcher to the game Ravenfield. The Soviet armed forces are being filled with specialized, effectively developed vehicles, and the V4 rocket launcher is a perfect example, given its pure focus
Baker Town
Baker Town is a small town for an intense battle of two teams for the game Ravenfield. There are a lot of buildings and structures on the map that you can not only hide behind but also make an accurate fire strike. Have a nice game.
Assault Couch
Unusual technique "Assault Couch" in the form of a sofa for the game Ravenfield. Available to replace all ground vehicles.
Battle for the Frozen River
A generic snow map! Can be used in many time periods! Fields and trees! Capture Points Spawn: Where the Ravens start! Hill: Featuring Anti-Tank Guns! Trenches: A dug in position with many MGs! The Frozen River: The whole point of the map! Staging
The Spoon
Grab one of the deadliest weapon produced by the Eagle's R&D lab : The Spoon. Thanks to its size of 100g, it's the most practical CQC weapon and repair tool.
The mod adds a powerful weapon to the Game ravenfield DIE, which can destroy anything.
Shark Girl
Mod "Shark Girl" adds the skin of a shark girl to the game Ravenfield.
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