Isfar Island
After an almost year-long hiatus, here's a map I'm genuinely proud of. Isfar island is a small island focused on intense CQB action mixed with stretches of medium to long range combat. Every building in the map has a fully accessible interior, and
M2 Garret
So, whats the difference? Well, the gun is now full auto! It has a pretty low RPM, but high accuracy. Also made it look more modern and up to date.I'd reccomend firing in bursts to take advantage of the accuracy.
Revamped Wrench (W-rench)
Mod " Revamped Wrench (Wrench)" for the game Ravenfield adds a red handle to the wrench.
Half-Life Combine Dropship
Meet the unique technique for the game Ravenfield-Half-Life Combine Dropship. Dropship is a plane for paratroopers that will quickly take your army to any point. Characteristics: 1 x pilot 1 x gunner (pulse gun near the front of the container with
SL-Defender with desert coloration
I did not really know what to do with this one, only knew that I had to do something. I gave it a desert camo that will hopefully look a little better that the other one, it's probably a matter of personal preference.
Frag Grenade Metal (F-2 Frag)
Yet another recoloration, this time making the frag grenade a little darker and more metallic, pictures and thumbnail will be up soon. As always,suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome.
Revolutionary War Fife
This is a quick little pack that has various fifes from the American War of Independence, or I guess some would say the Revolutionary War. Fifes were the pinnacle of military marching music of the era alongside the drum, and eventually superseded by
S-IND7 With Dark Colors
High-quality recycling of the SINS 7 pistol in the game Ravenfield. The weapon's appearance was significantly improved and a dark color was added.
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