The ZFB05 "Xinxing" (English: New Star) is a 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle developed by Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicle Factory. The vehicle was based on the chassis of the Nanjing IVECO NJ 2046 4X4 high-mobility truck.
Grappling Hook
Have you ever needed to get from point A to point B very quickly? Needed to cross a chasm without air vehicles? Make a tactical retreat fast? Well now you can. With the grappling hook you can zip horizontally and vertically at 3x the running speed
Орк Fighta Bommer
The Fighter Bomber or as its Creators refer to it as "Fighta Bommer" is an Orcish Aircraft built (and maintained?) by the so called Mekboys of an Orc Waagh that gained a certain amount of force. These Machines Resemble standard Aircraft used by the
Tabuk Assault Rifle Commission
Automatic rifle and 2) self-loading sniper rifle. The main differences between the Tabuk rifle and the AK: the trigger mechanism, the compensator-flame extinguisher and the butt. The accuracy with Chinese M43 PS ball cartridges is about five
Berdan II
Behold, the next greatest thing since magazine-muskets! The Berdan II! This was a rifle developed by an American fellow by the name of Hiram Berdan, who commanded a group of sharpshooters during the War of Southern Aggression; he also dabbled in
Stalemate was a war front almost entirely forgotten by the Imperium. It's records were scorched from the imperial records. Even though it's has become an infamous name. Few in the Imperium truly know what happened on Stalemate. Stalemate was once an
Siege the enemy castle! They've fortified themselves with boxes. Features 4 capture points. Recommended bots: 30-40 This map has 3 hidden easter eggs
Conflict: Technicals
A collection of various technical trucks. Includes: -Transport Technical -DShK Technical (as well as a regular DShK turret) -ZU-23 AA Technical (with its own turret too) -UB-32 Rocket Pod Technical -VBIED -Armored Technical
Arc Rifle Pack
Arc Rifles are powered by bulky perma-capacitors shipped from Mars' great repositorum. Some of these zinc-plated blocks store energy from days when the Imperium was young. Arc Weapons discharge energy with a loud crack, firing blots of blue-white
Høljarast Bridge | WW2 Collection
One of the many skirmishes fought between unprepared Norwegians and the German Army. Recommended bots: 30-50 Recommended balance: 1:2 Recommended gamemode: Point Match Recommended length: Short Recommended respawn timer: 5
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