AH-1G Cobra
Next up from Project Vietnam: The AH-1G Cobra! Fully functional and accurately built cobra designed to fit into the feel of vietnam. Mounted with 3 FFAR pods, a 20mm Minigun, a turreted 7.62mm Minigun and a 40mm Grenade launcher all to take care of
City in The Sands
Welcome to City in the Sands ! My first map meant to have vehicles in it. (Tank, Helicopter, Jeep, and MG Jeep). This map is based around an Old City in the middle of the desert sands, besides dunes and minor barriers, the map is slightly barren but
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Railgun for Ravenfield. Thank everyone, who found Easter eggs!
H&K G56
The H&K G56 is a fictional assault rifle created by AlexJJessup. It's a mix of Kriss and H&K but looked pretty damn sweet, so I couldn't resist the urge to make it a RavenField gun... Iron sights, ACOG and Vortex Strikefire optic variants.
AWP Dragon Lore
AWP Dragon Lore added to your inventory.
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Remington ACR
The Adaptive Combat Rifle, originally designed by Magpul Industries and labeled the Masada, is a 5.56mm assault rifle currently produced by Bushmaster and Remington. A compact yet reliable rifle ideal for a decent recoil to damage ratio! Currently
F-15E Strike Eagle
"Go dance with the Angels!" - Everyone in Ace Combat 6 This'll be my last mod for a few weeks, I'll still make fixes/updates though. It has two variants, one has Mk82 iron bombs and the other has Rockeye cluster bombs, all weapons are operated by
The Smiter Remote Missle Launcher
Are you tired of having to go ALL the way across the map to blow someone up? Sick of firing and then forgetting your missiles? Well No More! Thanks to The Smiter! Destroying opponents has never been easier, just fire off a missile and use the side
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Last team standing
This map is another one of my Ravenfield concepts. This time it's a sort of 'last team standing' gamemode. All bots and players are spawned at a random point on the map. You can't escape or you'll die. After 30 seconds, you are no longer able to
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BushMaster ACR
The Remington ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is a modular assault rifle designed by Magpul Industries of Austin, Texas and was known as the Masada. In late January 2008, Bushmaster Firearms International entered into a licensing agreement with Magpul
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