75th Rangers(USSF REMAKE)
"RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!" US Special Force remake with better materials and model 75th army ranger regiment(18') tier2 operators nvg down variant soon
M1161 Growler
The M1161 Growler is an Internally Transportable-Light Strike Vehicle (ITV-LSV) designed specifically for use with the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft. Fulfilling multiple roles of Light Utility, Light Strike and Fast Attack vehicle, it is smaller
Kraber - SA mode (from Titanfall2/Apex)
Semi-automatic version modified based on Kleiber and Krebel from Titanfall2/Apex.
APS - Project ExtAs (COMMISSION)
Welcome to the fourth custom installment of Project Extended Arms, a Modding Project dedicated to bringing high quality weapon content to Ravenfield. What is the main difference of Project ExtAs to any other workshop weapon? To start, Project ExtAs
Future 45 Weapons Pack
A weapon pack with unique scripted enhancements from rounds homing on bots to backpack surface-to-surface-missiles.
F-22A Raptor Strider-1 Trigger
F-22 from Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Strider Squadron, officially the 124th Tactical Fighter Squadron, and also referred to as the "Snowbirds", was a unit in the Osean Air Defense Force's Long Range Strategic Strike Group (LRSSG).
8cm/40 Dual Purpose Gun Turret
Pre-WW1 Japanese dual-purpose gun copied from a British design, and used extensively as a deck gun aboard small craft and auxiliary ships in the IJN. For use against air, armored, and soft targets.
3-inch/50 Caliber Dual Purpose Gun Turret
A ubiquitous US dual-purpose naval gun, often seen in use as a deck gun on smaller ships or anti-aircraft gun on larger ones. For use against air, armored, and soft targets.
Nuclear Airstrike
Use the laser designator to call in a tactical nuclear airstrike. Once you choose a target you will have seven seconds to find cover. The nuke has two blast waves, the first wave near the center that will destroy pretty much anything that is not
Oshkosh M-ATV
The Oshkosh M-ATV is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle developed by the Oshkosh Corporation for the MRAP All Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) program. Intended to replace M1114 HMMWVs (Humvee), it is designed to provide the same levels of
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