[P-VCN] Felken Heights Landing
Hello all! I'd like to officially announce the start of Project Vulcan. This project will focus on near-future warfare in large scale battlefields. RECOMMENDED SETTINGS Bot Count: 40 - 60 Gamemode: Battalions Skins: Eagle - Vickittic MARC Raven -
Although it is a Type 64 rifle that is a gun that has already retired from active service, even now it is operated by air base security guards and others. This Mod is modeled onType 64 rifle which was deployed in Japan Air Self Defense Force(JASDF)
M113 Variants (SPEC OPS)
he American Light Armoured Vehicle, the M113! Contains: M113: -One 12.7mm MG, 7s reload -2370 HP -2 Crew + 8 Passengers M163: -One 20mm minigun, 26s reload, 1100 rounds -2600 HP -2 Crew M163 Arcade: -One 20mm minigun, 7s reload, 4400 rounds -2600 HP
Close Combat Chaos
Defend the beach front or take part in a raid of a city. Constantly dodge hellfire while charging the castle and siege it's tower. Storm the mountainside with helis as you engage in close combat warefare. This map does not take inspiration from
Panzer II ausf. C
The Panzer II is the common name used for a family of German tanks used in World War II. The official German designation was Panzerkampfwagen II (abbreviated PzKpfw II) Although the vehicle had originally been designed as a stopgap while larger,
Type38 Arisaka
I can complete this mod! And I'll have many bugs. So if you find bugs, Please comment!! ■Type38 Arisaka ・Damage:105/1shot ・Ammo:5/1clip ・Bullet Speed:810m/s ■Type38 Knife ・Damage:200/1shot ・Range:3.2m I make 4 models. ・Type38 ・Type38-K ・Type97
Soviet PPD-38
Finally! I was able to complete this mod! But I'll have a lot of Bugs. So If you find bugs, Please comment^^ ■Soviet PPD-38 ・Damage: 38/1shot ・Ammo:: 71/1mag ・Bullet Speed: 420m/s ・Fire Rate: 600s/m I make only 1 model. Sound source is BFV(Suomi
Pocket Sniper
This is my Pocket Sniper! All it is is a Revolver with a scope. Yes. Note: the aim animation is a bit weird ik blender kept moving my arms for no reason
Flame Thrower
Sick of having to shoot your enemy's? Well, your trusty Flame Thrower will bring you a new way to burn your enemy's!
M551 Sheridan
The Cold War Reconnaissance Light Tank, the M551 Sheridan! Made for the "1. Best working vehicle under 150k triangles. Must be on workshop and working ingame!" contest. Contains: M551 Sheridan: -One 152mm cannon (HEAT, HE, Pellet filler, ATGM), 15.6
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