The Russian Modern Pack [Part 1]
This pack contain 4 vehicles - BTR-88, T-90MS, GAZ-2975 Tiger and GAZ-2975 with 2 "Kornet-M" systems BTR-88 (BTR-82A) - fast and powerful vehicle, can transport 10 peoples, has smoke grenades - Has 30mm, 7.62mm guns and repair tool T-90MS (T-90AM) -
MG Combat Buggy (WIP)
I was inspired by a guy who trained me how to make a vehicle without effort be sure to sub to him The MG is bugged a little bit i will fix that soon
The Horizon Defense Forces Pack
Nec Pluribus Impar! UPDATE 2! Changed the Lock-on messages of the Bandit (alrigth prepare, next update is gonna be a big one!) (pro tip if you are using the hydra, first of the main gun has 20 seconds charge time so HOLD the fire button. Then, in
An unknown prototype tank from Brasil : the EE-T1. It was never used by any countries ! Weapons - 120 mm GIAT G1 smoothbore gun(P2) - M2HB 12.7 mm machine gun Performances - Top speed : 70 km/h (43 mph) - Weigth : 38,9 tonne Caracteristics - Year of
Viper-NC Pack Vol. 1
Viper-NC Pack Vol.1 The Viper-NC is an assault aircraft first used during the Raven offensive of 1942. The MK-1 was the first in line deployed during the siege of Dustbowl. Their improved fire rate and centralised machine guns combined with a newly
VM-22 Osprey
HECU MARINESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Includes: VM-22 VM-22 plane version Model From "James Bonde"
ZBD-09: Infantry Fighting Vehicle
The ZBD-09 or also known as Type-08 a IFV made in china (with a better quality than the usual chinese products) Holding up to 4 Passengers with the addition of a driver who takes control of the mounted cannon and a gunner who takes control of the
Ersatz M10 "False Panther"
The German War Crime Panther, the Ersatz M10! Contains: Ersatz M10: One 75mm cannon (APCBC)
Defend the reich! HP:600 30mm MK-108 * 2 Droppable gear
WWII British Pack
Just another mod of me clearing out some old assets I forgot to release. Includes 3 vehicles and 1 turret -Hawker Hurricane -Avro Lancaster -Churchill Mk. IV -Anti-air
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