Red Alert 3: Shogun Battleships
Shogun battleships are armed with six guns a piece; three barrels on each of two turrets, one in the fore and one in the aft.Welcome feedback.
MH-X Silent Hawk
MH-X Silent Hawk - Futuristic UH-60 Black Hawk [model from CoD Ghosts] [Minigun model from Left 4 Dead] -2500 HP -12 Seats [1 Pilot | 2 Gunners | 9 Passengers] -7.62 Minigun x2 [20 damage] [∞ bullets] [1200 Shots per minute] Bots actively use
LS-16 Desert Scorpion
A Warhammer-inspired Landship that is SUPER slow but pretty tanky. This landship comes with... 1 turret with a FLaK cannon 1 Front-mounted Howitzer 1 Right-side top hull mounted machine gun turret 2 Cannon turrets mounted on each side
AH-1G Cobra
Next up from Project Vietnam: The AH-1G Cobra! Fully functional and accurately built cobra designed to fit into the feel of vietnam. Mounted with 3 FFAR pods, a 20mm Minigun, a turreted 7.62mm Minigun and a 40mm Grenade launcher all to take care of
F-15E Strike Eagle
"Go dance with the Angels!" - Everyone in Ace Combat 6 This'll be my last mod for a few weeks, I'll still make fixes/updates though. It has two variants, one has Mk82 iron bombs and the other has Rockeye cluster bombs, all weapons are operated by
Mig 29 Fulcrum
My favorite plane, it's fast but not too fast and has decent maneuverability. Weapons: 1x GSh-30-1 30 mm cannon, 150 rounds 4x A2A missiles 2x RBK-500 Cluster Bombs
Strike Cart
The Strike Cart is a fast vehicle for hit and run brawling, along with an Orbital Strike Relay, to direct the focus of an orbiting starship's Particle-Beam, to take out defences from a distance. FEATURES: Baja And Blast: Fast speeds. No collision
F-16C Fighting Falcon/Viper
I'm surprised that nobody's made an F-16 yet. Weapons: M61 Vulcan 4 AIM 9 Sidewinders 2 AIM 120 AMRAAMS 8 Zuni rockets Issues: AMRAAM lock on image is stationary, Sidewinder lock on is fine
American Vehicles Pack
Go forth and sieze the oil. Featuring vehicles from the most powerful and second most competent (after Britain) military in the world. Features: Arleigh Burke F-15A M1 Abrams
Helicopter "Hunter" from Half-Life 2 for Ravenfield. HP 2500. PILOT: Pods - 16 | Reload 5 sec | Damage 300 20-mm Sniper Autocannon - 10 | Reload 5 sec | Damage 250 ATGM - 3 | Reload 8 sec | Damage 1500 Bombs - 2 | Reload 6 sec | Damage 1500 GUNNER:
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