Soviet Tank Buster An anti-materiel rifle produced during WW2. Sound Credits: COD: World at War (Random clicks and clacks) Insurgency (More foley) Youtube (Kevin Morley's PTRS Demonstation)
UH-1Y Super Huey
Model from Arma 2, exported by IDDQD UH-1Y Super Huey is a multi role helicopter. You can either transport troops or seek and destroy with co-pilot. Second weapon is rocket pod and third weapon is co-pilot sight. This heli is a little slower than
WWII French Town CQC
This is the second release of my WWII French Town CQC. Improvements are in map size and detail while the AI pathfinding is still an issue, hopefully it will be resolved by the Beta release which will also expand the size of the map and add more
Model 870
The Remington Model 870 is a pump-action shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms Company, LLC. It is widely used by the public for sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense and used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide. Features: -
Sui's Urban Warfare Mashup Pack
Hahaw, No Heavy or PDW pack. It's the mashup pack! 26 Different weapons to play around with and a total of 76 items in this pack. Too large to make an in-detail description. Most weapons have been balanced out accordingly, atleast i tried my best at
Helios Weapons&Tech MP-17 "Pocket Rocket" [Horizon]
My shoe is bigger than this weapon! Did you ever think "Man, I'd wish I have a MP now that weigths less than the ammo it uses". Well, here you have it- The MP-17. In reference to a famous revolver from manufactured on a wasteland planet, soldiers
Under the Dog Hybrid Rifle (Railgun Mode)
The alternate mode for the Hybrid Rifle for Medium-Long range combat. Find it on both Marksman Rifles and Equipment Section (takes 2 slots) so you can finally have both AR and Railgun modes equipped As Ravenfield doesn't support different firemodes
Tactical Shotguns
This mod adds a total of 5 shotguns to your inventory, two M1014 semi automatic shotguns, and 3 Remington 870 pump-guns. The M1014 comes in a standard ironsighted model, and tactical model with collapsing stock, EoTech optic, and suppressor. The 870
Baptism of Fire: A Falcon Faction Map
Instead of starting with a story, i'm going to talk about the development of this map, story will be after. To be honest, this has been develpment hell. I did start this with high hopes, and going round the map its kind of clear where i started with
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