M825 и M40 [PV]
Excellent mod pack for the game Ravenfield, which includes: American army all-terrain vehicle M825 and mounted on it in the back of the recoilless 106-mm gun-M40.
Huey 30mm And M2 Browning [PV]
This modification adds a great pack for the game Ravenfield. It contains the American multipurpose helicopter company Bell Helicopter Textron, also known as" Huey " (Huey) and the American heavy machine gun system John Browning - M2 Browning. The
Standard Armaments 2 x 150mm Smooth Bore Cannon 12.7mm Machine Gun Equipment Shell:HEAT APFSDS (Mouse Scroll to switch Shell) Smoke Discharger (Push X) The Type 61 or M61 main battle tank is a type of ground weapon in the anime series Mobile Suit
Groza 4
Groza 4-Russian assault rifle-grenade launcher complex, developed in 1993. It is a version of the machine OC-12 "Tiss" (in turn created on the basis of AKS 74U), made according to the scheme bullpap. Now this model is available for the game
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Walther P22
Mod adds to the game German sports training self-loading pistol company "Carl Walther Sportwaffen GmbH" 22 caliber-Walther P22.
T-60 Variants
Mod adds to the game Ravenfield tank T-60. T-60-Soviet light tank of the Second world war.
Russian Soldier
The modification adds to the Game ravenfield skin soldier airborne.
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Korth Super Sport REMASTERED
Mod adds to the game German gun Korth Super Sport REMASTERED.
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H & K HK416
German machine h & K HK416 for playing Ravenfield. The weapon is adapted to the American modular system AR15, created by Heckler & Koch. Despite the resemblance to the M4 carbine, the mechanism of the submachine gun is actually closer to the
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OTs-14 Groza
MOD adds to the game Ravenfield new weapons-OTs-14 Groza. OTS-14 Groza-Russian assault rifle rifle combined with complex, designed in 1993 year. Characteristics: Damage-48/1 shot  Ammunition: 31/1 Mag  Speed bullet Velocity: 710 m/s  Rate: 678/m
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