Panzer II C
Finally the famous "Panzerkampfwagen II" has come to ravenfield! History behind the tank: Although the vehicle had originally been designed as a stopgap while larger, more advanced tanks were developed, it nonetheless went on to play an important
Suomi KP/-31
A sub-machine gun (SMG) that was made in Finland around the 1930s. Many people would say that this was the SMG that spawned the popular Soviet PPSH-41. In actual fact, only the 71-round magazine box was copied, everything else for the most part is
Modern Warfare Skin Pack (Neutral Edition)
13 Modern Styled skins from a number of my maps, as well as custom made ones. This version doesn't have any team specific coloration. (Ignore screenshots)
WW1 Characters
Project WW1 Character Models. Includes British Soldier, French Soldier, German Soldier, German Stormtrooper.
[Fallout Project] Combat Rifle/Shotgun Pack
A Pre-war firearm commonly found in Fallout 4, used originally by the military, these weapons find their way into the hands of Raiders and Gunners. Chambers in .45, .38 and .308 rounds Note:Fallout 4 has no bullet drop. Rifles -Automatic -Short:
[Fallout Project] Fatman Pack
“The Fat Man is perhaps the most devastating infantry weapon ever unleashed upon the modern battlefield - a hand-held catapult that launches portable nuclear bombs”— VDSG Catalogue No.9716 First entered service in September 2077 with the U.S. Army,
Soviet Conscript
Soviet Conscript, This model was created a while ago and was never uploaded so today I decided to upload this model. this modd adds the soviet conscript a character model I based from the RED ALERT 3 Character model to the game. This is an unaltered
M1 Abrams Tank
Nothing quite says "America" like a 70 ton tank thundering across the desert at 45 mph with a 5in main gun. Ladies and gentlemen, the M1 Abrams Tank. Compared to the vanilla tank, there is no comparison. The M1 had better armor, a more powerful
Interwars weapons pack
This is a series of weapons that were mainly used between WW1 and WW2.I made it because i though this period of history is mostly mising from the workshop,so i hope you enjoy it :) +Weapons: -MP28->German SMG based on the MP18.It was used by a
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