A Chinese antitank missile and little data about it. the size of launcher is smaller than HJ8, but missile is longer than HJ8. it's only 120mm, so it can only attack enemy in 1000m at most in my mod,less than Kornet and TOW2.
Midway (Battlefield 1942)
Map " Midway (Battlefield 1942)" for the game Ravenfield, where one of the most large-scale and strategically important naval battles in the Pacific of world war II will take place. After the defeat of most of the US fleet by Japanese aircraft at
Vanilla+ - TALON Special Forces Skins
Vanilla+ style TALON skins. Made for SpecOps mode, but usable in any game mode. Includes the following: - Woodland - Desert - Snow - Black - Ghillie Suit (does not affect enemy detection; just for looks)
The Nakajima Kikka or Kitsuka as it is also known, was Japan's first entirely jet-powered aircraft, based loosely on the information they had received on the German Me 262 Schwalbe. Whilst the clear resemblance can be seen, the Japanese were not
Type 16 MCV
The Type 16 maneuver combat vehicle (16式機動戦闘車, Hitoroku-shiki kidou-sentou-sha) is a wheeled tank destroyer of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. HP: 2700. 1 Seat for driver: 105 mm gun Type 93 APFSDS, HESH, Type 74 MG, Repair tool 1 Seat for
Throwing Knife Standalone
This mod only contains the Throwable Knife from my Throwable Pack. I made this for a friend as a farewell gift and a way to reach out and leave a final message to him.
Easter Rising Irish Volunteer
A very tiny pack, only including one skin, for Irish Volunteers of the 1916 Easter Rising. I can't say Ravenfield had a similar skin, so I felt the need to make one and now here we are. There is no British equivalent as there are plenty of WWI-era
Squad Tags
This mutator adds small tags above the heads of your squad members. This way they are more recognizable, in a crowd of soldiers. I mostly created this because I felt like I needed this feature, but I hope you also find it useful!
Weather Effects (Clouds, rain, sandstorm)
This mutator adds: Clouds (Flat and 3D) Rain Sandstorm Snow(flakes) Fog Planned features: Obstruct Vision of AI (Have to wait for the developer to expose that function) Tornados Snowstorm Random Lightning Strikes Config There are 4
Press U to open attachments menu. There are two versions, one of the accessories needs to be killed to unlock, the details are as follows: Kill 5 people to unlock the suppressor Kill 9 people to unlock the extended magazine Kill 12 people to unlock
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