No Knockdown Mutator
A mutator that removes knockdown from the game. Hopefully, this should make combat more enjoyable.
18th Century British Skins
Look at the magnificent employment of the cheap dye to brighten the looks of the soldiers, from the basic cocked hat to the extravagant mitre, these soldiers are sure to 'wow' the aggressors! These British soldiers represent various time periods of
Kornet (9M133) (WIP)
Complejo de misiles antitanque desarrollado por la oficina de diseño de Instrumentos de Tula. Desarrollado sobre la base del complejo de armas guiadas por tanques "Reflex", conservando sus principales soluciones de diseño. Diseñado para golpear
F-15E Strike Eagle
El cazabombardero doble estadounidense, creado sobre la base del caza de entrenamiento y combate F-15D. Se puede utilizar para patrullar el espacio aéreo y proporcionar cobertura a las fuerzas terrestres. Ahora el modelo de este luchador está
Destino is a urban warfare map that takes place on brazil how you can see, its pretended to be a mix of CQC whit medium ranged combat lore: the Bope operatives find the militia hq in a small area on favelas, not much far from the cristo redentor and
I really like the MCX as a gun and the older version i did was pretty outdated. So i decide to remod and reanimate the model (i was too lazy to remodel) Features: - Custom models - Custom animations - Custom textures - Ambient Occlusion maps -
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Dragon Valley (Battlefield 2)
Dragon Valley is a large sized, China themed map that is the classic Battlefield 2 map of the same name, where it pits the US at a carrier, and the docks, while China has control of 9 locations along the river. Bots Recommended: 32 - 50
Bloxy Cola
Includes two drinks, Bloxy Cola and Bloxy Cola Mash. Bloxy Cola Gives you 20 health instantly Bots can use this Bloxy Cola Mash Gives you 150 health instantly Plays the 'Monster Mash' tune after drinking
A Chinese family of weapons that includes a submachine gun and a hand-held machine gun. The weapon is made according to the "bull-PAP" layout and uses a new Chinese 5.8-mm intermediate cartridge. Now the model of this weapon is available for the
АН-6 / МХ-6
The AH-6/MH-6 is a series of light combat helicopters based on the MH-6 Little Bird and MD 500 family. Now the model of this helicopter is available for the game Ravenfield. The mod has two versions: Combat helicopter Transport helicopter Combat
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