NASAMS-medium-range SAM. The main purpose is to destroy enemy air objects at medium and low altitudes in any weather conditions. Development of the Norwegian company "Norwegian Kongsberg" and the American "Raytheon". It was created to replace the
STUKA PACK (Simpleplanes & Ravenfield)
Single-engine two-seat dive bomber and attack aircraft of the second world war. The distinctive features of the aircraft were the wing type "inverted gull", fixed non-retractable landing gear and the roar of the siren, which allows the pilot to
LAV-AD/LAV-25(Desert Storm)
The "LAV-AD/LAV-25 (Woodland)" mod adds the Lav-25 armored personnel carrier and the Lav-AD anti-aircraft missile and gun system to the game. This technique has a "desert Storm" disguise. LAV-25: a Canadian armored combat vehicle produced by General
LAV-AD/LAV-25 (Woodland)
The "LAV-AD/LAV-25 (Woodland)" mod adds the Lav-25 armored personnel carrier and the Lav-AD anti-aircraft missile and gun system to the game. LAV-25: a Canadian armored combat vehicle manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada for the
F-15E Strike Eagle
El cazabombardero doble estadounidense, creado sobre la base del caza de entrenamiento y combate F-15D. Se puede utilizar para patrullar el espacio aéreo y proporcionar cobertura a las fuerzas terrestres. Ahora el modelo de este luchador está
АН-6 / МХ-6
The AH-6/MH-6 is a series of light combat helicopters based on the MH-6 Little Bird and MD 500 family. Now the model of this helicopter is available for the game Ravenfield. The mod has two versions: Combat helicopter Transport helicopter Combat
ZBL-09 Camouflage Pack
Camouflage mod pack for ZBL-09. Included: CQB IRON SEA DESERT
A family of wheeled armoured fighting vehicles designed and manufactured by the Chinese company China North industries Corporation. It has been in service with the PLA since 2009. The export version of the BBM is offered under the name VN1. Weapon:
The BTR-80A is a combat wheeled floating vehicle designed to transport motorized rifle units and fire support them on the battlefield, conducting combat from the vehicle. Weapon: 30 mm automatic 2A72, 7.62 mm PKT machine gun. This mod is suitable
Boxer MRAV Camouflage Pack
Some people like those versions of camouflage, I just made this pack for them. I didn't add them to another mod for game load time. If you have other great camouflage suggestions, I can consider adding them.
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