The most go-to vehicle for improvised vehicle-to-man combat. Variants -Forklift- Has a working horn and partly functional lift (Press "t"+"ctrl" and scroll) -Minigun forklift - Has a minigun attached. -Armoured- Normal forklift with plating, high
Chonma 215 (Pokpung Ho)
Currently has a bug where the vehicle jerks once spawning. It does not affect bots or driving but may result in bots moving slowly. The Chonma 215 [western designation: Pokpung Ho] is a north Korean tank based off the T-62M. It features additional
Falcon B. 3 Proton
The Falcon B. 3 proton was the most capable ground attack aircraft in the arsenal of the Falcon Air Force. Equipped with machineguns, bombs and a 75mm cannon, there was not a target this thing could not tackle. It proved particularly good at
Fokker T.V. (T-5)
The Fokker T.V was a twin-engine bomber, described as an "aerial cruiser",[1] built by Fokker for the Netherlands Air Force. It was modern for its time, but by the German invasion of 1940, it was outclassed by the airplanes of the Luftwaffe.
Brief introduction of carrier Name: Type-1 MBT Type: Tank Weapon: one 120mm main gun and one 25mm rocket gun Number of members: two (conductor, observer) Life: 8000 Development background: after several years of war, the situation between Eagle and
[WW2 Collection] M3A1 Scout Car
The M3A1 Scout Car was the final development of the series of American armoured "White Scout Cars". Primary external differences from the M3 were a widening of the body over the fenders, the removal of the rear door of the M3 and the addition of the
[The WW2 Collection] Flak 38
The German Flak 38 Autocannon derived from the Solothurn ST-5 as a project for the Kriegsmarine, which produced the 20 mm C/30. The gun fired the "Long Solothurn", a 20 × 138 mm belted cartridge that had been developed for the ST-5 and was one of
T3M RAPTOR Light tank
The T3M RAPTOR is an amphibious light tank, equipped with an autoloading gun, wire-guided ATGMs and a medium machine gun. Features include a twin-drum autoloader, with each drum having different ammunition, as well as ATGMs for longer range
One of the oldest sovietic jet planes ! Had participated to the Korean War too ! Specs - Maximum speed : 1 075 km/h - Weight (without weapons) : 3 680 kg Weapons - 6x rockets - 1x 37mm canons w/ 800 rounds
[WW2 Collection] Opel Blitz
Opel Blitz, the German truck produced by Opel and given the name that translates to "Lightning". Entering production ever since 1930 and cementing itself as one of Germany's most used truck during WWII. The truck was mainly used to transport
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