Chiansaw + Zombies
How to uses: -1: Select a team and set max AI to 110+, set slide to minimum men on player team. -2: Enable only shotguns/apocolyptic weapons & chainsaw for your team. -3: Set other team to have zombie fists. (supplied with this pack) -4:Select
i will keep the old mod,if you like -SCAR-L -SCAR-L(Suppressed)
VM-22 Osprey
HECU MARINESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Includes: VM-22 VM-22 plane version Model From "James Bonde"
(PA - 2LW) Relief of St. Lyvan
Map Type: Objective Recommended bots: 70 Recommended weapons: Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War pack or sidearms only Credits: Vel (Hettic Infantry actor model) With the onset of autumn, Syrvania's supply lines in Hetland are beginning to
ZBD-09: Infantry Fighting Vehicle
The ZBD-09 or also known as Type-08 a IFV made in china (with a better quality than the usual chinese products) Holding up to 4 Passengers with the addition of a driver who takes control of the mounted cannon and a gunner who takes control of the
[FLE] Silo - Constaneer
Hello all! This map is currently in beta testing and will hopfully be updated over time, though progress through this map might be slow as the school term just started for me and im already getting assignments. Other then that leave feedback,
Ersatz M10 "False Panther"
The German War Crime Panther, the Ersatz M10! Contains: Ersatz M10: One 75mm cannon (APCBC)
Forgotten Mountains
Good day, I want to present you a map called " Forgotten Mountains" Took the landscapes of America And so you introduce yourself to the battle in the air and on land. -6 points with interesting buildings -Woodland -Epic night fights Many interesting
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Please update!!!
I from Turkey and I love this map :D good job  
Some of the weapons mentioned above aren't on here.
Damn! It's so sad to see a modder saying that he'll stop working on his
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