Operation Cut Tigerz Balls
Operation Cut Tigers Balls map for Ravenfield where the Tiger mafia deals drugs in Wakaliga and Ugandan commandos are sent to stop them.
[WW2 Collection] Wz.28
After Poland regained independence,the only machine guns in the country were the ones from the previous overlords.This created a huge logistical issue,worsened by the imported guns from Britain and France. Thus,the Polish army started trials for a
Realistic Frag Grenade
When this grenade explodes, it sends 64 fragments in up and downward directions. It is recommended to go prone when one is thrown near you. Also, if you kill someone or get killed by a fragment, the game will not count it as an actual kill.
C&C Red Alert3:Apollo fighter VTOL
The Apollo VTOL fighter will add the "C&C Red Alert3:Apollo fighter VTOL"mod to the Ravenfield game. Manufactured in Stockholm by Angstrom Defense, the F11 X Apollo was considered one of the world's best air superiority fighters. It has a VTOL
Arguably the best map from Black Ops, one of the most popular COD maps to this day, this is Nuketown reimagined in the distinct style of Ravenfield. I recommend playing Points Match with anywhere from 20-30 bots.
God-Mode is a mutator that constantly updates your health, and makes you invincible for almost any attack, you won't be shot down or staggered much, your ammo constantly resupplies, this is for all people who just wanna have some fun with the game
We Will Bury You - 1960s and 1970s Soviets
Player models of soldiers of the USSR of the 1960s and 1970s will add the skin "We Will Bury You - 1960s and 1970s Soviets" to the game Ravenfield.
Operation Battleaxe (From Battlefield 1942)
Operation Battleaxe is a small sized, desert themed map where it pits the UK at the south, while the Germans at the north. Filled with rocks, trees, and bunkers, both teams must utilize vehicles, and infantry tactics in order to control the area.
The Tupolev ANT-40, also known by its service name Tupolev SB (Russian: Скоростной бомбардировщик – Skorostnoi Bombardirovschik – high speed bomber) and development co-name TsAGI-40, was a high speed twin-engined three-seat monoplane bomber, first
WZ-19 Attack helicopter
WZ-19 is he design of the light attack helicopter developed by Harbin aircraft industry group is derived from the Z-9w. It adopts the typical characteristics of the serial cockpit layout, four composite rotors, the tail rotor of the letter way, four
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