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Mod "Production De Masse pack - Blues pt 1" version 11.09.18 for Ravenfield (Build 10)

Following the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth great Wars between the Ravens and the Eagles, resources were at an all time low. The greatest minds of both the reds and the blues had to come up with some way to continue to arm their sides, while dealing with shortages of all necessary materials- Thus, they began to mass produce simplistic, yet effective weapons.

MK30 Carbine:
The MK30 Carbine is a semi-automatic carbine fed from a 12-round integral magazine. Designed by the Eagle genuis engineer John Bluing, It fires small, high-velocity 7.5mm rounds, which makes its recoil quite controllable while sacraficing damage.

It's capable of downing a foe in two shots, and killing in three to four- And it gets grouping about the size of a head at 50 yards.

40 damage
55 balance damage
Semi Automatic
600 projectile speed
72 extra rounds
12 round capacity
spread .005
MK306 SSW (Squad Support Weapon)

The MK306 SSW is a fully-automatic rifle, designed by the great John Bluing of the eagle army. The MK306 feeds from a 25 round gravity assisted magazine, and fires high-caliber .48 rounds. It has a controllable rate of fire, which, when combined with its weight, helps to reduce recoil and allow for accurate firing at a distance.

It can get groupings of about a head with single shot fire and about half a torso with full auto at 50 yards.

50 damage
550 speed
Full auto
150 extra rounds
25 round capacity
75 bal damage
spread .0055
MK45 Pistol

The MK45 is a cheap, effective semi-automatic handgun chambered for .45 auto. It utilizes a seven-round box magazine and is built from cheap stamped steel, making it an extremely affordable weapon- although not the most reliable. Its designer isin't known.

The MK45 is capable of killing in two to three shots, and has groupings of about half a torso at 50 yards.

7 round capacity
speed 325
damage 35
50 balance
spread .007
42 extra rounds

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