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Mod "Operation Bullpup" version 01.10.18 for Ravenfield (Build 10)

This pack adds a variety of modern bullpup rifles in at least two configuations each. More to come.

AUS 88:
One of the first bullpups ever adopted in large numbers, this Austrian rifle fires at a rate of fire of 750 RPM. Due to the integral foregrip, and 5.56 ammo, it is very controlable, and with the integral optic, the AUS88 is capable of accurate shooting to mid range.

AUS 88A3:
A modernization to the standard AUS88, this version uses a Leopold optic, rail mounted grip, and improved flash hider. Overall preformance is comperable to the standard model.

AUS 88A3 Tactical:
Intended for special forces use, this rifle is equiped with a suppressor and stacked ACOG and RMR, as well as the standard A3 grip and 30 round magazine.

The squad automatic weapon variant of the AUS88, this weapon increases capacity with a 40 round magazine. It also features a heavy barrel to compensate for sustained fire and increase first shot accuracy.

A version of the AUS 88 rechambered for 9x19 Parabellum, this weapon is an effective submachine gun. It is equiped with a EoTech optic, shortened barrel, foregrip, and feds from a 32 round magazine.

MAS-78 F1:
Another early bullpup, this time adopted by the French, the MAS-78 is a highly effective rifle, especially at closer ranges. It has a very high rate of fire of 1000 RPM, which rapidly depleates its 25 round magazines. However, due to a well placed mag release, reloads are fairly quick.

MAS-78 F1 Semi:
Designed for DMR use, this rifle is set to semiautomatic and is equiped with a 5x optic, allowing from accurate engagements at mid to long range.

This bullpup adopted by the British army suffered a number of issues in its inital adoption. However, it is a solid rifle choice with an integrated optic, 30 round capacity, and controlable automatic fire.

After the failures of the initial LSA90, the A3 model is equiped with a modern quad rail system, foregrip, PEQ laser designator, tac light, as well as ACOG optic.

For engaing light vehicles or groups of infantry, the LSA90GL is equiped with a 40mm M230 grenade launcher. Overall rifle preformance is similar to the stock models.

Equiped with a heavy barrel, bipod, rear grip, and 60 round magazine, this light support weapon provides excellent sustained fire. Due to its iron sights, it is optimized for combat within 150m.

A subcarbine variation of the LSA90, this weapon has a higher rate of fire and is best suited for close quarters combat. Even with a vertical foregrip, it struggles with controlabilty under sustained fire. Also available as a secondary weapon.

X48 Dinorah:
This very popular Israeli bullpup comes equiped with a 30 round magazine, MARs red dot optic, and offers very controlable full auto fire. Due to the bolt release being placed on the mag well, reloads are releatively quick.

X48C Dinorah:
A carbine variant of the standard X48, this rifle has a shorter barrel and is fitted with a reflex red dot sight.

X48M Dinorah:
The marksman version of the Dinorah comes equiped with a 4x ACOG optic, suppressor, and bipod; making it ideal for mid to long range engagements, while maintaining some close up capability.

This Chinese bullpup fires a proprietary 5.8mm round, giving it greater stopping power at the cost of higher recoil. Additionally, poor iron sights reduce accuracy, but controled bursts are more than sufficent for most foes.

Fitted with a 4x JGM-4 optic, 75 round drum, and bipod, this light machine gun is highly effective against waves of enemies. Additionally, it reloads much faster than belt fed weapons while maintaining much of the firepower.

This version of the BÙQIĀNG has been shortened for close quarters combat. It is equiped with a red dot optic for rapid target aquisition. Also availavle as a secondary weapon.

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