6-11-2018, 19:33

Mod "Type 99 MBT (With destructible parts)" version 05.11.18 for Ravenfield (Build 11)

A main battle tank with lots of firepower!
Armed with 125mm AP (Your default tank shell), APFSDS (A faster flying heavy shell with explosive payload but great armor penetration), HEFFS (A slower and sluggisher shell with a huge explosive payload excellent vs. Medium Armor and infantry) and Canister shells (Imagine it as a tank shotgun) in the main cannon the tank rolls in with some serious armor, with a total of 4500 HP but thats not all! It has armor on the sides of it's turrets, body and the back, which can be all destroy individually and if striked it will absorb the damage for the tank. Don't get too close to the tank tho, as the commander can launch 35mm grenades out of the turrets clearing up the path infront of the tank easily. If you want to get that commander done for just shoot his optic, once his optic is destroyed he cannot spot enemies therefore making his weapon unable to be used. Instead of some boring .50 RCWS this now has a 25mm cannon mounted on it so be careful with your maneuvers against the tank, but with a few magazines of small arms that RCWS can be brought down.
Now then you find yourself in a situation where you got a RPG ready to fire, but wait! do not fire on the RPG nets or the damage will be caught off entirely same goes for the metal plating on the turret's sides!


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hello, can you pleasssssssse add a red dot to your glock 18s next time? like a
carl anderson
acrhive corrupt 
Thanks for upload this mod i like it! i was download all of [AirStrike MOD]
Link is probably broke , pls fix it
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