22-12-2018, 15:24

Mod "Gotha G.V Heavy Bomber" version 22.12.18 for Ravenfield (Build 12)

Sorry for the super long wait on this everyone - I, as usual, took a rather unnecessarily long break after having completed the Fokker Dreidecker. Though I hope this plane lives up to all of your expectations and makes up for the wasted time. Enjoy!

Also, please note that this plane was developed for the WWI Project as well as a request, so don’t worry if you ever see this plane in the Project WWI mod at any point.

As Gotha G.V, designed by Gothaer Waggonfabrik, is a twin-engined, pusher-configuration heavy bomber utilised by the Luftstreitkräfte during the last years of the First World War.

It was the third bomber aircraft designed by the Gotha company, and it amended various flaws with preceding designs; the fuel tanks were moved away from the engine nacelles and into the fuselage (this stopped fuel from leaking onto the scalding engines and setting alight if the fuel tank/s leaked) and an innovative 'Gotha Tunnel' setup was installed into the aircraft (this setup allowed the rear gunner to point their weapon downwards through the fuselage, rather than having to crouch down and utilise a second ventral turret which was present on earlier models).

The Gotha G.Vs, thanks to their powerful defensive guns and ordnance loads, proved themselves as worthy advsersaries on the field - night raids, while making navigation significantly more difficult for the bomber pilots, increased the effectiveness of the Gotha GV by a significant margin.

The plane boasts a periodically-standard configuration of ordnance: a single 660lb (300kg) bomb and four smaller 220lb (100kg) bombs.
Two Parabellum MG14/17 machine gunners are situated at the front and back of the aircraft.
The scopes for the defensive guns are now dual render.
Cockpit now has a compass and a turn/bank indicator in addition to your usual cockpit instruments.
Some custom sounds taken from various sources.

Known Issues
The vehicle is visible through the fog.
Hand targets (where the character model's hands are positioned from the third person perspective) for the guns are a bit weird.


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