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29-12-2018, 17:03

Mod "Vanilla+ Weapons pack" version 25.12.18 for Ravenfield (Build 12)

A work in progress, I hope.
Features: custom UI icons, annoying [VANILLA+] tags in the weapon menu, no custom animations (almost never needed, also shush), occasional non-default sounds.
Planned additions:
-Anti-Tank weapons
-Maybe more
(note that I'm the king of useless delays and lazyness so don't keep hopes high)

Current weapons:

A modified Patriot, with an improved gas-operation system, allowing for a higher fire rate but with a lower accuracy, and a 60-round box magazine, allowing longer firefights or removal of a squad of soldiers or more. Ideal to remove groups of red soldiers at short and medium ranges.

A light machine gun designed over the RK-44, to use when accuracy is less important than removing groups of blue infantry. Be careful of it's high recoil, however, as well as it's spread, and prefer to not just go full auto constantly and rather fire in bursts. However the ammo pool and drum magazine size are generous, and about equal to the Eagle's Patriot LMG.

An RK platform DMR, similar in use to the Recon LRR commonly used by Eagle soldiers.
Not the most accurate, but a decent DMR for the Raven troops, capable of giving decent firepower at medium to long ranges, and making ambushing lone soldiers a lot more deadly than with a slower firing sniper rifle.

A simple bolt action, magazine fed sniper rifle. A lower damage, but higher velocity and lower recoil weapon compared to the similar SL Defender, used by the Eagles. This sniper rifle is perfect for long range engagements, but is highly recommended to aim for the head to make sure to eliminate your blue target in one hit. Pay attention to a smaller magazine and a higher ammo reserve compared to the SL Defender.

Little useless notes:
the Patriot LMG is based on the Colt LMG
the RKP-44 is obviously a modified RK-44 with RPK features
the R-67 is based on the Tabuk Sniper Rifle, a variant of the AKM (not related to the SVD in any ways, except the PSO-1 scope)
the CK-427 is just a generic hunting rifle-style weapon, nothing more to it

I considered making vehicles for this but soon after I did, Sofa (the head dev of Altirus) beat me to it, so I didn't do it yet. Will try to do other vehicles if I can, if not most/all of them, in my style. Can't promise for helicopters, I am not very good at modelling these.


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