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Mod "M-750 Phantom [Horizon Defense Forces]" version 15.05.19 for Ravenfield (Build 15)

When the Terran war ended, and the HDF had to take major vehicle losses, it was considered to replace all vehicles that where manufactured by Helios Weapons&Tech.

Admiral Thompson: "So, uh, you do now that we had to take horrific losses rigth? I know Leviathan, he'll start a new war in the blink of an eye. Jupiter is already watching at Mars. We NEED better vehicles. If those are as s'ht as the Ragnarök, I swear to god by the soul of my wife, I will not do the paperwork."

CEO of HWT, Ryan McMay: "Sir, I do understand that our new vehicles have not performed... particular well-"

Admiral Thompson: "We have lost 200 vehicles within the first month. And it damn sure wasnt the crews."

McMay: "Sir, I need you to understand these vehicles where not made for combat in mars' envoirement!"

Admiral Thompson: "Listen, McMay, these losses are your fault. Delivering vehicles with weapons that where made for ships, hovertanks that are too heavy to hover over water, tranmission breakdowns every 50 meters... I have approval of the United Nations of the Sirian System, that, in case you do not modernise the faulty vehicles, we will chancell the contract with HWT. Venom Industries seems like a good choice..."

McMay: "N-No, Sir! We, uh, I will-"

Thompson leaves the room.

McMay: "...for f*cks sake. Uhrg, time to call Athena Armory...."

]The modernisation plan provided by HWT and ATARMS saw various modification for already existing vehicles, as well as compleatly new vehicles. The plans where accapted by the UNOSS.

With one change: Make the M-6637 a viable vehicle.


-It can hover over water

-It can resupply troops up to 15 meter around it

-Coaxial machine gun, thanks to weak main weapon



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