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7-06-2019, 20:33

Mod "Boys Anti-Tank Rifle" version 07.06.19 for Ravenfield (Build 15)

Something slightly different from my usual WW1 stuff, but here it is, the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle!

Created in 1937 by Captain Henry C. Boys, this Anti-Tank Rifle fired a .55cal Boys catridge and was designated to be the anti-tank armament of the British Army. While adequate against light tanks and tankettes early on in WW2, the design became obsolete rather quickly, being retired in 1943 in favour of the PIAT launcher.

Featured in BFV, and now in Ravenfield, the Boys Anti Tank Rifle (for balancing reasons) is a decently powerful gun. Holding up to 5 rounds per magazine, the rifle can generally take down most vehicles (at least the ones I've tested it on) in between 1-5 shots. Although not the most accurate of anti tank rifles, it can one shot infantry easily and make light work of lightly armoured vehicles.

The Boys AT gun can be found in Primaries under the Marksman tab and in the Anti Armour tab as an equippable piece of gear (2 slots)

I am aware of the muzzle alignment issue with the gun, will attempt to fix it over the next couple days. For now, try to remain standing when firing the rifle and use it within short-mid ranges for the best accuracy. I also apologise for the poorer than normal sound quality of the gun, I could only find one video which had no commentary for the Boys Anti Tank Rifle in BFV and it still had quite a bit of background noise in it.


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pls update this mod.
did you delete my last comment saying that I didn't authorize you to use this
You have stolen this mod. Please remove it.
You have stolen this mod. Please remove it.
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