Battle it out in a simple Arena in close quarter combat! It is recommended to change te spawnpoints to vis à vis. The spawnpoint containers should move to the glass aera on the top, so you can spectate, when you die, is a bit glichy dough.
Crusade for Eden
Parts of the holy garden of Eden have descended from heaven, but the pesky ravens got there first! No one knows, what they could do with this unknown power, stop them! Batallions recommended, as many bots as you want.
Airship Assault
A V4 luxury and comfort vacation-cruiser has been used to transport important and top secret miltitary items. But the pesky ravens have detected the ruse and start an assault on the massive airship, defend it! (or attack it, what ever you want)
A bridge of death with vehicles and dustruction. It's also just really fun to kick bots of the edge and watch them hit the ground and die, and plow cars of the edge to their doom
Rural Kaupcisto
Battle in the vast rural mountains of Kaupcisto! On this map, you'll be able to have both those long range battles and the close quarters battles with the eagles and ravens. This is only my second map, so expect there to be small issues
Walla Walla
Halo 3 Valhalla inspired map. * May not run on Win XP or DX9 systems. Shaders use DX11. - Unity terrain converted with Polyworld - Trees created in Blender - Bases created in Sketchup - Rocks converted to low poly with Polyworld - Water created with
Greetings soldier, this time we're allocated for the battle of the River Somme. -2 attempts to attack were unsuccessful but under your command we will be able to take the river and its near the nearest plant -To fight such an army as the British and
Battle of the Pacific II
Engage in capital ship battles, dogfight over the island or hop in a tank and take the fight to the enemy. Features 9 custom vehicles all with my models and unique stats: P-51* F4U Corsair* B-17* Jeep* USS Iowa Sherman* Zero* Type-97* Also includes
Warehouse 204
Small Infantry Battle between the Containers and some Facilities in the Rainy Weather Featured: 1. Containers, Trucks 2. Railroads 3. Warehouse 4. Enterable Buildings 5. Rains 6. No Vehicles Only Infantry Notice: 1. Models and Textures are NOT Mine
Welcome to the bloody battle of pashendale =You will have to fight with the German troops In scorched earth with trenches, ruins and trenches. =Your task is to capture the points Such as -The ruins of the Church -The ruins of the warehouse -The
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