A beautiful Oasis map with good animation for the game Ravenfield. Map taken from BF BC2. Map Features: destructible buildings; screensavers; good optimization.
Operation Eagle
Operation Eagle is set in the ww2 in a fictional city of occupied france Recommended Modes: Battalions, Point Match Bots: 90 Mods WW2 You can comment if you want a special map. Things Used Polygon War Western Polygon Polygon City It is the first map
All is ruin ( inspired by Stalingrad )
What remains of this city is only ruins and disaster. Survivors of both camps are fighting ruthlessly for control of what was a populated industrial city. point match or battalion 80-100 bots long or epic The war is just beginning!
oil rig [CQB]
You are part of a Eagle strike force sent to infiltrate an oil rig that is in Raven possession, make it to the top of the rig and capture all the objectives to complete the mission. MAP DESCRIPTION Close quarters combat on an oil rig. RECOMMENDED
Ancient Forest
This map is located in an old forest on american soil. In the center is a village whith a large church (2 capture points ). Note the presence of a cave and a small hidden river. 10 capture point Recommended 60-100 bots Batallions or point match Good
Project Vietnam - Swamp Ambush
A King-of-the-Hill map based on the jungle combat that occurred across Vietnam. Do you like being bum-rushed? Do you like BEING the bum-rusher? This map is for you! RECOMMENDED BOTS - 32 to 64 bots recommended. More if you're not a very discreet
Bots Recommended: 50 - 60 You know, I am starting to feel like this whole 3S-JW stuff isn’t really the best thing that I should do. Yeah, it’s hypothetical, and all, but I don’t really care for that anymore. I had cancelled making this whole thing a
IMPORTANT: There is a bug on the elevators. Sometimes you fall trough the floor. To avoid this, you need to spamm your space bar while the elevator is moving. Press F to get on and off ladders. I reccomend playing the map with 70-100 bots (unless
Cliff Fort 2
Thank you for all the support and criticism on the first version. Here is the longly deserved update to the map. It extends the playing field and fixes alle the bugs the previous one had. This map cannot be played in the SKIRMISH mode and I
Chaotic close quarters combat on a frighteningly tall construction site! This map was modeled and put together in a couple of hours, so I didn't really take myself seriously when making it. Turns out it can be a crap ton of fun if you crank up the
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