Battle of Peleliu 1944
Background U.S. Marines landed on Peleliu at 08:32, on September 15, the 1st Marines to the north on White Beach 1 and 2 and the 5th and 7th Marines to the center and south on Orange Beach 1, 2, and 3. As the other landing craft approached the
Sponge Canyon
Sponge Canyon is set in a massive 2000x2000 canyon area. This is the first map of mine that uses almost completely custom assets. The map features buildings with interiors, air combat, and much more! Things to note: Recommended bot count: 75-150
Ravod 911 (Phantom Forces)
Gamemode Flag Configurations King of the Hill -Remove A, B, and C flags Domination -Remove Hill flag Team Deathmatch -Remove all flags except the spawns
(PA - 2LW) Raid on Castle Dazhik
Map Type: Skirmish Recommended bots: 50 Recommended weapons: Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War pack With Syrvania's advance beginning to slow in the south, and impeded by weather in the north, the Hettic Home Army could now begin regrouping
Locality is a tight and linear close-quarters arena, inspired by airsoft fields.
Last days of war 1918
Background It's year 1918, the first world war is almost at its end. The Germans are driven back to Belgium and the common wealth forces are advancing fast. 9.p.m, the british army advances to the no mans land, where they will meet the few last
Private Ryan Bridge Battle
Soo Im not that good at making maps or models ill make other WW2 maps soon
Blackhawk Down
Blackhawk Down was a desert map Iv'e been working on, please leave a comment, and enjoy. P.S, I am still working on a storyline to this map. Rude comments will be burned, then the ashes will be shot out of a connon into a valcano
South Station Assault
South Station is an isolated Blue naval station in the middle of nowhere with a small air strip and dockyard for search and rescue missions. Once a getaway for the well connected, after the war heated up, the island was garrisoned with marines and
Wot Blitz: Winter Malinovka
Large map from the game World of tanks Blitz. Background It's october 1941, Operation Barbarossa is on its way. All the civilians from the village were evacuated deeper into the soviet motherland before the Germans reached the village., The
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