M26 Pershing
Mod adds to the Game ravenfiels tank M26 Pershing. The M26 Pershing was an American medium tank of 1944-1969 (in 1944-1946 the M26 was temporarily classified as heavy in the American army). Named after General John Pershing, who led the American
PVN.4/3 Wappa
The personal hover bike known as the Wappa was developed by the Principality of Zeon and was widely used during the One Year War primarily for recon and patrol duties. 
Blood Pact Renegade
The Blood Pact Renegade, The Blood Pact is a warrior Chaos Cult dedicated to the service of the Chaos God Khorne that is engaged in trying to maintain the grip of the Forces of Chaos on the Sabbat Worlds. They are sworn to the service of the Archon
Blacksnow (Silo) - Constaneer (DEV)
Hello all! This map is currently in beta testing and will hopefully be updated over time, though progress for this map might be slow as I've just start at a new school and I'm already getting assignments. Other then that leave feedback, suggestions
Mod adds to the game Beta version of the complex Ciws. Ciws-ship anti-aircraft artillery complex, which is in service of warships of the naval forces of several countries.
R8-powerful self-propelled revolver will appear in your game Ravenfield after installing this mod. This revolver has 2 shooting modes: double and single action.
Ho 229
The modification adds to the game Ravenfield experimental jet Ho 229, which was developed in Germany during the Second world war. Aerodynamic design — flying wing. Designed by the Horten brothers since 1931. The world's first AIRCRAFT "flying wing"
Steyr AUG A2
Elegant rifle for the game Ravenfield. Steyr AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr — army universal rifle) — a complex of small arms, released in 1977 by the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch (now Steyr Manlicher AG & Co KG). In Austria, the rifle is
1 402
Mod adds to the game Ravenfield Chinese fighter of the fourth generation. Developed By the aviation industry Corporation (Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation) in Chengdu. Adopted in early 2017.
M1 Abrams
he M1 Abrams is a third-generation American main battle tank named after General Creighton Abrams and designed by Chrysler Defense (now General Dynamics Land Systems). Designed as a highly mobile main-battle tank for modern armored ground
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resemble gun AN-94
How can i install this
I would love to see a well made mod of the Selbstlader m1916, which fose done
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