Mini carrier war
Not a big, but interesting map "Mini carrier war" for the game Ravenfield. It is suitable for both close combat and medium range shooting. It is recommended to install 20 bots.
ECM Feedback Device
You can command bots around, even when you are on the other side of the map- Which means, your teammates and your enemies have radios, or some sort of communication device. What if we turn their precious little earpieces against them? Introducing,
- All textures and models have been created by gray - Recommended bot count 80-150 - Enable bloom effect for better visuals - Don't enable night mode (bad lighting and missing skybox)
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorians were an ancient martial order consisting of members from multiple species all bound by a common culture, creed and code. They originated on the planet Mandalore in the galaxy's Outer Rim and had a particularly unique role in
UTF-Mod Pack 1.0
Gorgeous MOD pack UTF-Mod Pack 1.0 for the game Ravenfield, which includes a full set of equipment for soldiers, military equipment and weapons.
[The WW2 Collection] Flak 38
The German Flak 38 Autocannon derived from the Solothurn ST-5 as a project for the Kriegsmarine, which produced the 20 mm C/30. The gun fired the "Long Solothurn", a 20 × 138 mm belted cartridge that had been developed for the ST-5 and was one of
T3M RAPTOR Light tank
The T3M RAPTOR is an amphibious light tank, equipped with an autoloading gun, wire-guided ATGMs and a medium machine gun. Features include a twin-drum autoloader, with each drum having different ammunition, as well as ATGMs for longer range
Austrian Napoleonic Skins
Strap on your super bright rock and your uncomfortable shako and take up arms alongside Austria as you go rolling straight in! The Ravenfield: Napoleonic project is starting small and currently includes two people in the project. This pack includes
[WTF] Hondo's Imperial complex
Map [WTF] Hondo's Imperial complex for the game Ravenfield. Beautiful scenery - all you need to destroy the enemy team.
Saigon Outskirts
Bots Recommended: 50 - 64 (Optional, but have the bots slightly favor the NVA) Description: Saigon Outskirts is a medium sized Vietnam themed map that pits the ARVN at 2 control points, while the NVA has control over the overrun base, Xuan Loc.
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