[WW2 Collection] MG42 remake
Designed to replace the MG34,the MG42 doesn't really need any kind of introduction, you all know what it is :) This is a remake of the old remake btw. STATS: Damage: 60 (2 shots to the chest) Loaded ammo: 250 bullets
[WW2 Collection] Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz. 234 Puma
Armored cars have been developed by germany since the end of WW1, as they where not restriced by the Versailles treaty. The Sonderkraftfahrzeug 234 (Special purpose vehicle) was an armoed car of the ARK-Series, named after the shared chassis of the
Type 77 (CWP)
By late 1970s Chinese army and police required a new compact sidearm to replace ageing 7.65mm Type 52 (Walther PPK copy) pistols. New pistol was to be chambered for indigenous 7.62×17 Type 64 ammunition. In theory, this niche was already taken by a
Chinese Weapons Project - DZJ-08(CWP) for Ravenfield. DZJ-08(Anti-Tank) 80mm rocket Ammo: 1/3
Barrett M468
The Barrett M468 is a variant of the M4 Carbine, rechambered for a heavier and larger 6.8mm bullet for increased terminal performance. The designation of M468 stands for an M4 carbine chambered for the 6.8mm SPC cartridge. It was an attempt to
The greatest sl defender remake ever
The greatest sl defender remake ever for Ravenfield.
Project Vietnam - OH-6 Helicopter
The OH-6 Helicopter is here! Not to be confused with hijong's OH-6 mod. Comes in two variants: minigun and grenadier! ISSUES: The minigun variant's turret is angled weirdly and can't align with the HUD sights, making aiming difficult. The
Chinese Weapons Project CS/LR4(Sniper Rifle) 7.62×51mm NATO Ammo: 10(+1)/60 CS/LR4 R(Sniper Rifle) 7.62×51mm NATO Ammo: 10(+1)/60 CS/LR4 S(Sniper Rifle) 7.62×51mm NATO Ammo: 10(+1)/60 CS/LR4[Gear](Sniper Rifle) 7.62×51mm NATO Ammo: 10(+1)/40 Stat:
Bandages and Morphine
A niche mod I thought of while making the Spec Ops project. This mod contains a bandage that heals 35 health (or boosts you over 100, your choice really), just make sure you give it sometime before you actually use it, as technical issues require
The Soviet tank destroyer: SU-152. It features a massive 152mm derp gun that is capable of destroying most vehicles in one shot, however it is slightly inaccurate. It is not accurate enough to be used at long ranges.
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