Laser Vehicles DARK EDITION
Some epic Sci-Fi Vehicles and Turrets sorted by red and blue. This is Work in Progress so more stuff is yet to come and whats here allready aint perfect. So comment bugs. - Hoverbike - Laser MG-Jeep - Laser Tank - Laser MG - Experimental Turret -
World War Ravenfield Conversion
convert your RF game into an all out WWI-II battlefield with this collection of mods that replaces everything in game and adds a few maps to play WWII configs coming soon
The Coast
The Coast is a large flat coastal map (2000x2000) with little cover with villages and homes scattered about. I recommend WW2 weapons and about 100-150 bots on skirmish or point match.
German Engineering
This pack adds 40 weapons from the modern German military and police to your inventory. It also serves as an expansion to the War on Terror pack with all weapons found the in the “coalition” tab.  G418 The most modern rifle of the German military,
WWI Zeppelin
Basically it´s just a Zeppelin I made for WWI configs. It can replace all air vehicles. I am already working on other WWI related Vehicles and Maps, but since I am new to modding and this is my first vehicle I have to fix some problems. I want to
Vanilla + Attack Boats
Team-specific models for the attack boat, functionally identical to the originals. Inspired by the upcoming vanilla vehicle redesigns, also the fact that I was never a big fan of how the attack boat looked and there's no word on whether or not
L5 Caseless Ammo Rifle
The L5 Caseless Ammunition Rifle, By Forward Defence Munitions Co. is a prototype military rifle currently being evaluated by the US army for adoption. The revolutionary rifle is the world's first functional multi-bore, single-barrel rifle utilising
Canada Bomber Weapon Pack
2 weapon C8-SFW: C8 just C8,with Skeleton key(under rail shotgun),shotgun just a semiauto shotgun,no door to open,its sad :( MK1 9mm: Browning High Power M1935 made in Canada,nothing to say why i set name Canada bomber? cause a Canada guy name is
Kampfgewehr [HK-417]
Ok so after ranting, I present to you, the "Kampfgewehr". Its my first standalone series rifle, who will all get fictional names. This one is based on the Heckler&Koch HK417. It has a strong kickback, but rewarding damage.
Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor
Hello there! This here is my first plane and first plane mod I attempted to make. It carries a lot of bombs and it has a lot of machine guns on it too. It doesn't have the fastest speed but it does have a decent amount of HP so it can probably
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resemble gun AN-94
How can i install this
I would love to see a well made mod of the Selbstlader m1916, which fose done
Apologies mate if this is any trouble. I've got no problems with them really.
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