(Anglo-Zulu War) Rorke's Drift
War between great Britain and the Zulu Country. After Lord Carnarvon succeeded in creating a Canadian Federation, it was decided to create a Confederation of several African kingdoms and Boer republics in a similar way. In 1874, sir Henry Frere was
Khe Sanh
Khe Sanh is a medium sized Vietnam themed base map where it pits the USMC at Khe Sanh itself, while the NVA west of it. Filled with dead trees, rocks, barracks, trenches, an airstrip, the USMC must hold off against the assault in order to prevent
AAU Sparrow Attack Jet
The AAU Sparrow is a tri-engine, single seated attack aircraft built by The Aerodynamic & Avionics Union. The company originally was neutral before the Raven-Eagle war started, but after a few years, they sided with Eagle. The Sparrow is capable
QBS-09(CWP) Remastered
The QBS-09 semi-automatic shotgun was developed between 2005 and 2009 by 208th Institute of China Ordnance Industry. In 2009 it was officially adopted by PLA for military use. It is also approved for use by PAP (People’s Armed Police). Standard
Half-Life 2 Skin Pack
Skins Half-Life 2 Skin Pack for the game Ravenfield. Involve: Resistance Civil protection Overwatch Solider
The greatest signal dmr remake ever
The remake of the marksman rifle infantry sniper weapon (English designed Marksman Rifle, DMR) adds the greatest signal dmr remake ever mod to the game Ravenfield. Includes a vanilla version with tracer cartridges.
Taurus Raging Revolver Minipack
The Raging Bull is a revolver manufactured by the Brazilian Taurus International firearm company. The Raging Bull has a ported barrel and a red rubber strip along the back of its grip (in some variants such as the Raging Hornet, this strip is
American twin-engine seven-seat medium bomber of world war II B-26 (DA 26) Bomber/Groundstriker will add this mod to the game Ravenfield.
MK47 Mutant (with firemodes)
The MK47 Mutant mod (with fire modes) will add the American-made MK47 Mutant semi-automatic rifle to the Ravenfield game. Specifications: Damage: 70 Bullet speed: 580
Flags of the World: WW2 (REUPLOAD)
Mod Flags of the World: WW2 (REUPLOAD) contains the flags of some of the main countries that fought in world war II, for the game Ravenfield. You must have the clothing physics enabled when using this mod, otherwise it will not work. This mod
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