Strike Cart
The Strike Cart is a fast vehicle for hit and run brawling, along with an Orbital Strike Relay, to direct the focus of an orbiting starship's Particle-Beam, to take out defences from a distance. FEATURES: Baja And Blast: Fast speeds. No collision
This map is quite large and has 7 capture points accompanied with custom simplistic models. Mostly long range, but has a few tight CQC points. Suggestions are accepted, I plan on updating this map based on peoples expiriences. I reccomend 80-100
F-16C Fighting Falcon/Viper
I'm surprised that nobody's made an F-16 yet. Weapons: M61 Vulcan 4 AIM 9 Sidewinders 2 AIM 120 AMRAAMS 8 Zuni rockets Issues: AMRAAM lock on image is stationary, Sidewinder lock on is fine
Mission Mango
When the map is loaded, spawn ASAP. Make sure you have a grenade launcher or rocket launcher in your inventory. When you discover a capture point, you MUST capture it or you will break the map! Press "Home" to hide the score UI, you don't need it.
Pretty good assault rifle special for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. project.
American Vehicles Pack
Go forth and sieze the oil. Featuring vehicles from the most powerful and second most competent (after Britain) military in the world. Features: Arleigh Burke F-15A M1 Abrams
Helicopter "Hunter" from Half-Life 2 for Ravenfield. HP 2500. PILOT: Pods - 16 | Reload 5 sec | Damage 300 20-mm Sniper Autocannon - 10 | Reload 5 sec | Damage 250 ATGM - 3 | Reload 8 sec | Damage 1500 Bombs - 2 | Reload 6 sec | Damage 1500 GUNNER:
Maps "FLOOD ZONE" for Ravenfield. It's been almost half a year... half a year without updates... and finally, I did it.
Pistol Pack
If you're in need of a side arm, look no fruther FX .45: The modern take on the .45 caliber handgun, this handgun offers moderte accuray, capacity, and rate of fire, but with the added punch of a larger round. Also availabe in tactical model with a
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t's been a while since my last weapon mod huh ? Kill yar enemies with the beautiful and powerful AK-47 ! Features : Custom animations ! Cool sound effects (Thanks to Sui DEagle for helping me out!)
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Thanks for upload this mod i like it! i was download all of [AirStrike MOD]
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