The Hydrator
The Hydrator. A lever action, low cal, AP rifle. Specs: Ammo: 9, 45 extra. Range: A lot. Muzzle velocity: A lot. Damage: A lot. What more could you want?
Main battle tank Years of production: 2001-2003 in service: since 2001 --- base - 3000 hp dynamic armor - 500 hp tracks - 700 hp
Kaupcisto Weapons Pack
This weapons pack contains nine weapons from my fantasy country, Kaupcisto. 3 Primaries -An assault rifle (Animated by JoeThePirate) -An en bloc fed rifle -A SMG (Animated by JoeThePriate) 3 Secondaries -A Pocket pistol -A silensed Pocket Pistol
The Russian Light Amphibious Tank, the PT-76B! Contains: PT-76B: One 76mm (HEATFS, APHE, and APCR) with one 7.62 MG (Coax)
Battle for the Kaupcisto Battleship
"Woooooah, Flaum made a map? WTF." Yes, I did and its my first attempt at one too. What's Kaupcisto? Kaupcisto is a fantasy country of mine in a fantasy worst (A splinter of GoC), which takes place in a 1940's setting.
Siege Of Shanghai Remastered
Based on Battlefield 4 this time! Hello guys!!Since my last siege of shanghai map I have heard a lot that you guys want an absorlutely bf4 shanghai map.So I make one!!!As ai in ravenfield doesnt fit this sort of map very well,I add some new points
Carrier battle
WIP VERSION (Will be deleted when the full map comes out) If you want to help us improve our mods / suggest and give ideas / test upcoming mods / talk with Ravenfield's talented modders, join our Discord! ------------->
Scatter Fox
The second quad mech on the workshop, the Scatter Fox! Some random lore because I felt like it: WWII was progressing as technology advanced, the US needed a vehicle that could go over terrain with ease. They wanted the vehicle to use vehicle parts
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pls update dis mod to build 13 cuz it has new guns and new features
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