The high rate-of-fire smg is here! Ammo: 50/250 Rate of Fire: 0.1 Auto Found in: "ASSAULT, CSGO, TERRORISTS" or "COUNTER-TERRORISTS"
M1 Garret Derivatives
Hi! I'm back again! Never left, but that's besides the point. Today I bring you the next mod in a series of vanilla styled weapons that I'm doing. The M1 Garret Derivatives Pack Contains: The M1A1 Garrison, a domestic Eagle derivative of the Garret,
Chaotic close quarters combat on a frighteningly tall construction site! This map was modeled and put together in a couple of hours, so I didn't really take myself seriously when making it. Turns out it can be a crap ton of fun if you crank up the
Laser Weapons 2.0
A Sci-Fi, Red vs Blue Laserweapons pack with actual lasers and also these "fake lasers" from guns like Star Wars blasters. This Mod Includes ---------------------------------------------- Anti Armor Weapons: - Laser Anti Tank -- Rifle (Like a Slam-R
Mercs & Marines | Bug-Hunt Beta
Toting 99-round rifles that bark explosive-tipped death at 900 rounds per minute, the US Colonial Marines are known by many as the ultimate badasses - so, what's better than a mod that gives you the tools to be the ultimate badass? The sequel, of
Imperial Japanese Army Infantry Skins
Imperial Japanese Army Infantry Skins for Ravenfield.
Panama Beach (Reason 2 Die: Awakening)
A Ravenfield adaptation/recreation of a map called "Panama Beach" from the zombie-survival game ROBLOX game "Reason 2 Die: Awakening". ----- ISSUES: AI will refuse to use APCs. No idea why. Thick grass will obscure your vision, lulz. ----- ASSETS
Sector-R-13 CEC: Crewmen
ector-R-13 CEC: Crewmen, HH-133, RR-REC are both corporate henchman trained for space combat. During downtime they are assigned to maintain all Corporate crafts. This item contains: HH-133 Character model RR-REC Character model
Kulve Taroth
I believe that when "Iceborne" is released, the popularity of the Goat Queen will drop dramatically, so I took her from El Dorado to ravenfield and let her continue to show her gorgeous appearance on the battlefield. (If you need, you can take off
Slot: gear weapons allow you to throw enemies when you hover over the target, the weapon starts to pull it it is not recommended to use in closed rooms and at a short distance
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