The greatest sind 7 remake ever
Welcome to the Vanilla Weapons Remaster, a small side hobby of mine while I work on the Spec Ops Project. It aims to give the vanilla weapons a good ol' overhaul, modern warfare 2019 style. The S-IND 7 has been turned into the S-IND17 or from the
[WW2 Collection] Gewehr 43
An step up from the Gewehr 41,the G43 was designed to be a much simpler and more reliable semi-automatic rifle using the SVT's gas mechanism. It also included a detachable magazine instead of the G41's fixed one (still, it was mainly reloaded with
F-22 Raptor [Modern Warfare Project] A-Loadout
F-22 - 5th generation, stealth tactical fighter jet by Lockheed Martin. Loadout - Air-to-Air: M61a2 Vulcan - 20mm cannon AIM-9 Sidewinder - Short range AA missile AIM-120 AMRAAM - High Range AA missile There are 4 versions: F-22 NC - with team
Subsector B: Project Cosmic Fire
I mean... I don't know what to say... This literally has made me nearly destroy something at least 50 times... and now that it's finally finished, I wanna do more... Well, folks, here's the easter egg from the Convair B-36 Peacemaker on the
The Dam
Eagle and Raven are fighting over control of an Island that has a new type of powerplant dam, an airfield and military bases. This map is a work in progress, I need to add vehicles, fix some small placement issues but most of all add more detail to
A Soviet Cold War era RGD-5 grenade. Features: Custom model Custom sounds Custom particle effects
Eagle & Raven Weapon Pack
This is the weapon pack I've made for my other Eagle & Raven mods. Also comes with Game Configurations, which will use all of the Eagle & Raven mods. So the thing with this is that Eagle makes all of the original weapons, and Raven makes
QBS-09 (CWP)
The QBS 09 semi-automatic shotgun was developed between 2005 and 2009 by 208th Institute of China Ordnance Industry. In 2009 it was officially adopted by PLA for military use. It is also approved for use by PAP (People’s Armed Police). Standard
Blood Pact Renegade 2.0
The Blood Pact is a warrior Chaos Cult dedicated to the service of the Chaos God Khorne that is engaged in trying to maintain the grip of the Forces of Chaos on the Sabbat Worlds. They are sworn to the service of the Archon Urlock Gaur, the leading
Terminator T-800
Skin Terminator T-800 for Ravenfield game.
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