BW-49 "Dart"
The BW-49 D is a single engine, one seater fighter jet. It was originally intended to be a trainer, but the Eagles deemed it to be too fast for new pilots. It was converted to a light fighter aircraft, armed with only one MG to its right wing. 
Kenfig Swamps
No story today. Just a little map inspired by the local countryside. Enjoy! Specs/Stats/Fancy numbers: Recommended no. of bots: 50-80 Average loading time: 10 secs Map size: 250 x 250
Panzerjäger Tiger (P)
The German Tank Destroyer, the Ferdinand! Contains: Ferdinand: -One long barrel 88mm Cannon (APCBC and APCR), 6.7s Reload -5000 hp -2 Crew + 3 Passengers Elefant: -One long barrel 88mm Cannon (APCBC and APCR), 6.7s Reload -One 7.92mm MG (Hull
Gorgeous melee weapon MK18 CQBR for Ravenfield game. The CQBR has a 10.3-inch (262 mm) long barrel, similar to the short-barrel variants of the M16 Colt Commando. This makes the weapon much more compact and makes it easier to use in and around
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KV-1 Variants
The Soviet Heavy Tank, the KV-1! Contains: KV-1 L-11: -Short Barrel 76mm cannon (APHEBC and APBC), 7.1 second reload -3x 7.62mm MGs (Coax, RMG, and Hull Mounted), 7 second reload -4050 hp -4 Crew + 1 Passenger KV-1 ZiS-5: -Long barrel 76mm (APHEBC
The ravens have been spotted in an off grid location terrorizing towns and growing in numbers. Its the eagles job to locate and neutralize the ravens. Good luck soldiers. A small map favoring the eagles team (ravens still work as well) made for
A close quarters map made for only around 15 bots on each side. Fight your way through the rough and overgrown streets of the desert city using a variety of cover such as buildings and barricades. There are currently three capture points on this
Urban Warfare M1A2 Abrams
One of the top-tier Main Battle Tanks meant for all kinds of warfare, take charge with the 120mm L44 cannon and blast enemy armor and light armor to hell but due to it's lacking length of the barrel it missing some penetration power which the
Boys Anti-Tank Rifle
Something slightly different from my usual WW1 stuff, but here it is, the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle! Created in 1937 by Captain Henry C. Boys, this Anti-Tank Rifle fired a .55cal Boys catridge and was designated to be the anti-tank armament of the
M1911 Carbine Pack
Most legendary handgun in history, chambered in .45 ACP. Blah blah blah. Probably at least the 5th or 6th M1911 on the workshop already but WAIT. Is that a M1911 Carbine? Yes, the second part of my BF1 Pilot/Tanker weapons pack. I know I said in the
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I would love also the waffen ss
Seven Metal Games
Continue construindo os mapas do warface, às armas com as animações originais
why the heck when i open the energy shield i keep damage by the energy shield
Dude, just go on steam. All the mods are there.
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