The mod adds a Ravenfield combat assault rifle for special operations forces to the game.
Panzerkampfwagen E-100
The German heavyweight tank E-100 is the dream of the engineers of the Third Reich to create a more effective rival to mouse, who developed the famous Ferdinand Porsche. Now this model of the tank is available in the game Ravenfield.
Bolt Rifle MK-2 CAWL-Pattern Bolter Pack
Mark II Cawl Pattern Bolt Rifle - The Mark II Cawl Pattern is still the archetypal firearm of the Adeptus Astartes, but now re-engineered, re-crafted and perfected for use by the transhuman warriors of the newly-created Primaris Space Marines. This
Laser Vehicles [WIP]
Some epic Sci-Fi Vehicles and Turrets sorted by red and blue. This is Work in Progress so more stuff is yet to come and whats here allready aint perfect. So comment bugs Currently available: Hoverbike Laser MG-Jeep Laser Tank Laser MG Experimental
Leopard 2A7
The modification adds to the game Ravenfield German main battle tank - Leopard 2A7. "Leopard 2" has a classic layout, with the placement of the engine and transmission compartment in the aft, the combat compartment in the middle and the control
Type VII U-Boat
In the early stages of the war the U-boats were extremely effective in destroying Allied shipping due to the large gap in mid-Atlantic air cover. Cross-Atlantic trade in war supplies and food was extensive and critical for Britain's survival. The
Fletcher-class destroyer
The long-range Fletcher-class ships performed every task asked of a destroyer, from anti-submarine warfare and anti-aircraft warfare to surface action. They could cover the vast distances required by fleet actions in the Pacific and served almost
A glow-in-the-dark Sci-fi-Skinpack with white and black (each with a red and a blue version) Laser-Soldiers. Best played at night, my "Laserweapons (Balanced)"-mod fits pretty well too.
Laserweapons (Balanced)
The modification adds to the game Ravenfield laser weapons Laser weapons. Thanks to him, the damage to the enemy will be stronger.
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Delta's F-14A "Tomcat" (IRIAF)
Jet into the Danger Zone with the iconic F-14 Tomcat, featuring an unusual paint scheme based off the Tomcat's service with Iran during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war. Fight Saddam in the skies with your 20mm Vulcan cannon and AIM-54 Missiles, with your
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resemble gun AN-94
How can i install this
I would love to see a well made mod of the Selbstlader m1916, which fose done
Apologies mate if this is any trouble. I've got no problems with them really.
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