[WW2 Collection] M1A1 Bazooka
In late 1942,the American army introduced the M1 Bazooke,shooting a 60mm shaped charge projectile that could technically deal with all the German tanks they had faced up to that point.The M1A1 was a cheaper launcher to produce,and it fired the M6A1
Island Fortress
We have seen a lot of raven naval activity near our island recently, however, due to our aerial surveillance we have gotten a good clue as to how many ships we are dealing with, the pilots claim to have seen 2 destroyers and an Amphibious Assault
[WW2 Collection] M3A1 Grease Gun
The M3 Grease gun was developed as the replacement for the M1A1 Thompson in the American army during WW2,and soon after it's first use in 1944,it's problems became apparent. The M3A1 was developed in the same year to fix some of those,including the
Urban Warfare Ajax AFV
The british apparently like their vehicles thicc to ensure as much protection as possible while also not being entirely defenseless, It's side armor is so thick that it can even sustain a AP shell from any tank before breaking but as much as they
Urban Warfare T-90A
The signature Russian MBT for Modern Warfare, with it's uniquely shaped turret and highly effective ERA it is a force to be reckon with! It bears a larger 125mm Cannon in L48 to punch some serious holes through enemy armor alongside the 125mm AP
Rainbowsix: Siege Weapon Pack
T5-SMG,Vector .45 ACP,ARX200,V308,is making 10 weapon 3 Assault:AK-12,C8-SFW,416C-Carbine 1 Marksman:CAMRS 3 CloseQuraters:SG-CQB,SPAS-15,Super 90 2 Handguns:Keratos .357,MK1 9mm 1 Equipment:TAC Mk0 Press X to use C8/CAMRS's under rail shotgun and
Battle of Svenstkova shore
A new map of the Battle of Svenstkova shore to play Ravenfield. The two opposing armies encountered on the banks of Svestkovec coastline, where there will be a battle for the beautiful, lush beach and mountains. Old fortifications that were
Thermal Imploder
The classic Thermal Imploder from Star Wars Battlefront!  The explosion is when that ring first comes out, there is no way (that I know of) to make the ring go out and the explosion happen when the actual explosion happens... but I did the best I
Peacekeepers Mark2: Weapon Pack
This pack was inspired by one of my earlier creations as I was not satisfied how my previous Peacekeepers came ill equiped, I now made an entire pack dedicated to my heavy armored peacekeepers. Peacekeepers are heavy armored guardsman. They are
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